A Woman’s Hair Tells A Story

I often-time say, ‘hair is just hair’, but that’s false. A woman’s hair tells a story… and we have many stories to tell.

Taking a flashback into 2013 when I did the big chop: I was so happy walking out of that barbershop like I owned the ground I walk on.

It’s 2017 now and within these 3-4 years after growing my hair to a length that I was happy with, it turns out that the length is no longer an interest of mine. It’s about being healthy: spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally. Honestly, your hair reflects the health of where you are in life.

When everything in life seems to fall out of place for me, I feel as if I’m growing closer to God and my hair is a resemblance of my rebirth.

So although I worked hard to grow my beautiful curly hair out, I think it’s power in my hair simultaneously growing with me spiritually.

photo-on-3-2-17-at-9-08-pm-3Today, my hair lets you know the weight of yesterday is in the past. I’m on a new journey.



Sisters, I encourage you to style your hair as you please. Don’t be afraid to tell your story and serve confidence.

2 thoughts on “A Woman’s Hair Tells A Story

  1. 😣😣😣 ive been wanted to shave my hair off for a while BUT my husband disagrees lol so im stuck with damaged hair til he jumps on board lol
    Im happy for you though and thr peace of mind you have in it.

  2. I’m not married, but I couldn’t imagine not cutting/shaving my hair because my husband disagreed with my decision. I hope you two can agree on a decision that’s best for your damaged hair in the future because there’s no point in having unhealthy hair. Thank you for taking time to read the blog and for leaving a comment.

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