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Throughout majority of 2019, I wanted to meet with a mental health therapist. However, I could not find one that could meet my needs. In January of 2020, I had my first meeting with a therapist focused on completing a verbal patient intake form. Although, this was far from what I had in mind, I planned to go forward with this therapist. Due to a lack of responses on both ends, it turned out that my therapy sessions were brought to a halt.

Then, a month later, a sister reached out to me with hopes to help and I asked if she recommended any therapists. In return, she mentioned a bar session. I had never heard of a bar session and initially thought she meant reiki. However, after sharing her definition of bars, along with making mention of Sister Sandy, I knew I wanted to go forward with bars without the need for researching. I booked a session with her and towards the end of the session, I decided that I would meet with her once a week for one month.

Below are my experiences from the sessions, along with my personal definition of access bars.

I did not go into any session with expectations. I simply went to meet with Sister Sandy, who I knew could assist me with tapping into self. I met her spirit at a previous womb circle in April 2019. I thought to myself, she has a beautiful spirit and her energy radiates as a genuine healer. I said, one day I will work with her. I did not inquire about her services at that time like I should have. When we have destined thoughts akin to this one, we need to explore the opportunities in that present moment. I could have been working on my healing for a year.

Session 1

First Bars Session

A lot of times we have stagnant energy in our body and that is one reason why we get so frustrated and overwhelmed because energy is constantly moving. However, if you never send the energy to a specific direction, it just concentrates like a grid lock. When we do the energy pulls, it is getting its attention (so to speak) and offering it instructions to flow.

When the energy is stagnant, it goes to the weakest organ in the body because it needs somewhere to go. And since it is perceived as a weakness in the body, then it is going to multiply (whatever the energy is) inside the body.

Sister Sandy Muhammad

Prior to having a bar session, I knew that I had a lot of stagnant energy. I recognized this when experiencing cramps every month and when receiving a deep tissue massage. The pain and the tension in my body comes from a lack of moving and it is a sign that stagnation (or grid locks) exists at those particular points. It is similar to disturbing a bottle of pop by shaking it. You may not notice the pressure until it is rattled a bit. During the sessions, I learned more about what happens with stagnated energy in the body. When she mentioned the words grid lock, it made a lot of sense to me. My bottled energy wants and needs to be free—similar to how the dissolved gas wants to escape out of the pop bottle.

What do you do when you get the information?

When you gain insight for something, it is important for you to immediately utilize the insight that you have gained. Otherwise, it concentrates. Just within you, it is just information. It is not useful. When you gain new insight, get up and try it, do something with it, so that it can go in a specific direction.

Sister Sandy Muhammad

At this point, my mind is racing, I’m looking to the side thinking through my thoughts and I want to cry, but I hold it in. Then, Sister Sandy says, “You are looking at me like you’re imagining something. I see you going somewhere as I say that.” Sister Sandy was correct, I seen and felt my pain even more.

During the bars session, I saw a radiating energy that reminded me of a tornado. I was wondering if God was upset with me—I began thinking that I did something wrong. During the analysis point, she mentioned it being a cleaning agent allowing the light to search and purify to go into the energy centers for cleaning. Then my thinking shifted, and I realized that no Allah (God) is not upset with me. It is just time for me to to move, to choose to live.

After this awakening session, I agreed to see Sister Sandy once a week.

Session 2

Second Bars Session

I could not wait to return to Soul Wisdom (where Sister Sandy facilitates her services). Throughout the week, I noticed that I was much more calm through stressful situations that would typically cause me to react emotionally. During the second session, I noticed a huge round light radiating through. I also seen dangling chimes and Sister Sandy recommended that I study wind chimes.

Session 3

The evening prior to my next session, I was exhausted to the point that I forgot I had an appointment the next morning.

If it was not for Sister Sandy checking-in with me to see if another day would work, then I would not have completed something that I started. Bar sessions were working, I was noticing clear results, but I started to feel defeated. I thank Allah (God) for Sister Sandy offering to reschedule a day later, allowing me time to recover. She could have taken my message as if I was done with this and that I no longer had interest in bars or even worse, she could have taken it personal. Her client check-in allowed me to appreciate her as a person more and her services.

I cried on my way to the session, I felt so broken. I felt as if I was taking steps back. However, the reality was that I was growing. In the midst of walking, sometimes you either trip or fall. It is not a straight shot when you are going growing through an obstacle course. There is difficulty—such as bumps, you might snag onto something, someone may try to block you, you may feel suppressed through the restrictions that you have not learn to navigate, but they are stumbling blocks that you have to get through. We must get through the obstacle course. We are not allowed to walk on the sides and there is no way that we can avoid what is on the path because it is the course set for us. So I felt broken and that was okay.

I sat in the parking lot thinking and then all of a sudden, a wasp flies past me to the passenger side inside of my car. So this wasp had me standing outside of MY car with the doors open and windows down trying to get the wasp out of the car. I decided to tap on the window hoping that it would fly out the window, but this did not happen. The wasp flew to the back of the car and I could not find it. This small instance had me feeling like I was drowning. I begun sweating and just felt like I was failing.

Why was I allowing this to consume me? I know I was already a wreck prior to getting in my car. However, I was allowing this wasp to take over my space. This was unacceptable and a clear sign into my interactions with others.

Please excuse how dirty the car was.

When Sister Sandy arrived, she asked if I was okay. I informed her of the wasp. She told me, “It is more afraid of you and it is looking for refuge.” She quickly found it and removed it with the snow brush. She placed the brush near the wasp and it quickly accepted the invitation to go for a ride. Sister Sandy took the brush out of the car and the wasp did not hesitate to fly away. It quickly noticed that it was set free.

In this instance Sister Sandy taught me so many lessons…

Third Bars Session

Through all of my tears, I felt free again. I was thinking to myself, Sister Sandy deserves more for her services.

Session 4

Fourth Bars Session

This morning, I woke up so happy knowing that I was going to complete four consecutive sessions. It felt so long, since I had done something for myself and stayed with the process. Yes, I had been doing a lot for other people, but where was I in the equation?

The fourth session was more of a reflective session. I felt brand new and I knew that the decision to go forth with bars was definitely worth it.

What is bars?

Prior to and during my experiences I did not investigate bars. Even now, I still have not researched what bars are. I did type “bar sessions” just to see what would pop up after completing session four and I noticed the terms “Access Bars” and “Access Consciousness”. I’m sharing this with you, so that you can partake in your own learning.

I like to acquaint myself with elements before seeing what the world has to say. And when the world is tangled into matters, I wait until they become untangled before opening the envelope. I do not like trends, but I do enjoy bear witnessing.

Now, I would say…

Bars are a form of therapy that runs energy cleanses or pulls allowing energy to flow. It resets thinking and grants you access to space conceding free from.

Post each session, I had homework. Yes, Sister Sandy shared something for me to do each time. However, I also had internal work to do that was unspoken of.

Bars changed my life. I needed this type of therapy because it was and is not about me venting, it is about me being free. I need(ed) something that will allow me to see myself (the spiritual me and the person that I am posing as in this third dimensional realm).

I encourage everyone to try bars, especially those who see themselves as spiritual beings/lightworkers.

If you are in Georgia, book with Sister Sandy Muhammad at

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  1. I’m delighted to see that you are journaling here again! This was was an illuminating read. I look forward to reading and learning more. You words are always inspiring.

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