B.Good: Boston Foodie! Did you say eggplant meatballs?

Looking for interesting vegetarian food in Boston? B.Good may be the best for your buds.

While in Boston, I was looking for vegetarian options that would make me want to take their menu home.

I came across B.Good and it definitely did me more than good. I ordered the spaghetti “meat” balls that consisted of zucchini noodles and eggplant as “meat” balls.
I am someone who does not like eating eggplant in restaurants, but the restaurant version tasted homemade. Of course, this wasn’t an easy decision. After spotting this on the menu, I asked the host if I could have a sample of the meatballs. He said yes! Otherwise, they would’ve lost a customer.

I couldn’t just try the food; I needed some filling dessert. They even have smoothies! I purchased the seasonal special: local blueberries.

Although I happen to like everything that’s in this flavor, I honestly went with this as the choice because it had dates. Dates win over everything! If you’re not aware dates are high in fiber and potassium.

Well they got me! Because now I’m going to add eggplant as a menu item in my kitchen, along with tossing dates in the blender.

There are other eye-appealing options that I did not get to explore since I had a short trip. I encourage you to try them and let us know what you think.

Nevertheless B.Good.

Let us know what you think — Share any feedback or questions.

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