Maintaining peace through disaster preparedness, famine, domestic abuse, and motherhood with Sister Tequella Muhammad

A candid conversation regarding the trying time that we are living in with Sister Tequella Muhammad. Sister Tequella Muhammad is a registered member in The Nation of Islam, Disaster Preparedness Advocate, Writer, Author of 'Disaster Readiness for Children: When Surviving Isn't A Choice', and mother of six.

Being a young god

When I saw Sister Mecca promoting her music with a t-shirt, I simply wanted to support financially because I appreciated her marketing efforts. I thought she was working hard to simply make sells at Saviours' Day. However, it has been two months since the annual convention and I notice how consistent she has been. Therefore, … Continue reading Being a young god

Earth’s Rebirth: Angkor Wat

The modern name, Angkor Wat, means "Temple City" or "City of Temples" in Khmer. The original name of the temple was Vrah Viṣṇuloka (Sanskrit) or Brah Bisnulōk (Local variant) which means the sacred dwelling of Vishnu.  This temple is speculated to be about 900 years old and was said to be built over night? Just … Continue reading Earth’s Rebirth: Angkor Wat