Islam and Menses

Menses while practicing Islam, is a topic that is unfortunately confusing and a tad controversial due to much spreading of information with a lack of understanding. However, it is best for Allah's girls to understand directly from The Source. Brothers do not run from this topic. You should understand and join in this conversation, as well. … Continue reading Islam and Menses

Lentil Patty & Gravy Recipe

Lentil Patty 1/4 quick oats 1/4 Italian (or your choice) bread crumbs 1 cup of cooked drained lentils (rinse them) Sautéed onions and tomatoes (brown stew gravy) or onions and carrots (mild curry gravy) Your choice of seasonings (no MSG) Pray before you cook 🙂 Sautéed veggies Add lentils, oats, and bread crumbs to a … Continue reading Lentil Patty & Gravy Recipe

Navy Bean Smoothie/Shake

"You put beans in there?", says everyone who doesn't know the power of the navy bean. This Saviours' Day, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan let us know that it is now law to eat one meal a day. With slim Sisters and Brothers striving to obey, there are some concerns regarding weight. Some of us … Continue reading Navy Bean Smoothie/Shake