Maintaining peace through disaster preparedness, famine, domestic abuse, and motherhood with Sister Tequella Muhammad

Sister Tequella’s live interview took place on Tuesday, June 29, 2020. You may watch it in full or go to a particular topic. Below are brief points that was shared, but you won’t get the full picture without watching the video for yourself.

Sister Tequella Muhammad is passionate about disaster preparedness and it starts with her love for The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad through The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

At the age of seven, Sister Tequella Muhammad read Theology of Time by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and she had the thought of, “Let me get my life together; I’m going to prepare.” Along with The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, her mother was her first inspiration. “She had everything. If the world ended we would be okay.” So from a little girl, she had it in her mind to prepare for surviving and now she is spreading her knowledge with children (everyone) across the world. In her book, ‘Disaster Readiness for Children: When Surviving Isn’t A Choice’ she’s preparing children (and their parents) to be knowledgeable about the dark hour that we are in.

“We have been in famine for a long time. What we see in the stores are an illusion.”

Right now we have the choice to eat what we want, but wouldn’t it be better to choose to eat the same foods that would prolong us during a time of disaster when there is no more food in the stores? It is recommended to store navy beans (the best bean for the body), lentils, and rice.

Download a survival kit list

Below are a few examples of what the items can be used for:

  • Newspaper: wrap fecal matter, keep blood off of the floor, to lay on, to cover windows, to read, and many other reasons.

  • Mylar Food Bags: it is recommended not to use sandwich bags for storing food because bugs are more susceptible of creeping in. You may purchase with Sister Tequella at $40 for 100, $25 for 50

  • Food grade buckets: for food, not paint buckets because the chemicals may be absorbed in your food

  • We may add more

Grab & Go Packing

“A to-go bag is just a bag for you to have in the case of an emergency (for three days).”

When choosing a grab go bag, choose one that is preferably BLACK or dark colored for security purposes. I usually go with the waterproof bags, in the case you may have to walk a long distance in rainy or damp weather. Make sure the bag is firm, has a waist strap, multiple compartments, and feels comfortable to carry. Try it on. Add a weight to it or some heavy items. Don’t choose bright colored bags or military bags, you become a target. Bags can be purchased on Amazon, or at Academy or hardware stores. Good bags may be a little pricey but it’s worth it in the end if that’s all you have to carry your survival items. Link to purchase from Sister Tequella here:

When packing your Grab and Go Bag start with a comfortable pair of walking shoes. They can be old or new but must be comfortable for long periods of walking. Add in 2 outfits, if at all possible. I usually pack a pair of jogging pants, 2 black t-shirts socks and underwear and roll them into one. I add rubber bands to keep it closed and stick it far down in the bag.

Make an address book with all phone numbers, addresses and emails of everyone you intend to keep contact with. Write down emergency contacts and addresses to the nearest hospitals and physicians.

Have copies of all birth certificates, identification, and important documents (including insurance cards and deeds). Add recent pictures of close family members, items in house as well as home itself. Keep in waterproof plastic. Place in secure part of go bag.

Don’t panic… just take these precautions… don’t think we have tomorrow… we’re thankful to be alive today.

In The Beginning of Sorrows lecture The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan mentions disaster preparedness.

There is much more that we can learn from Sister Tequella regarding disaster preparedness, so be sure to follow her on social media (see the links at the end of this article). Watch the clip here.

Domestic Violence

Prior to Sister Tequella being an active registered member in The Nation of Islam, she experienced domestic abuse in her previous marriage. Her faith helped her to become reacquainted with her true value.

The Minister gave me confirmation to leave, so I left and didn’t look back. That’s why I go so hard for The Nation. And Allah has had me and my children this entire time.

Sister Tequella Muhammad, Interview on Brother Ben X’s podcast

In her interview on Brother Ben X’s podcast, she speaks on some of the following topics:

  • Gaslighting

  • How to get out

  • Knowing and loving self

  • Thinking that a woman can change a man

  • Wanting others to be wrong and wanting to be right

  • What questions to ask a man

Below are statements from the interview:

Whenever you are embarking on a relationship and you’re going through a courtship process, you have to ask the right questions according to the courtship manual and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Sister Tequella Muhammad, Interview on Brother Ben X’s podcast

I have an application… I’m asking: Have you murdered somebody? Were you born a man? The questions have to be really deep, but when it comes to abuse and domestic violence you do have to ask them have they ever physically abused anyone? Have they put their hands on another person?

…They don’t always associate them hitting a woman with them being abusive. So if you ask them at times have they been abusive? They’re going to say no, but they don’t recall. I hit her two times — she started it, I don’t consider that abuse. So you have to be specific and say, have you physically put your hands on anybody? And then, you have to go to family and friends of his. You can’t just rely on someone’s words because again some people don’t associate them hitting someone with them being physically abusive. And that was one of the things within my marriage because he was like, ‘It’s not like I’m hitting you like they do on TV. Y’know where they just beating up and you’re just beating up. I may have pushed you or I may do this.’ He didn’t associate himself with being an abusive person. And at first, I would be like okay he made a mistake. But then, I had to recount how many different mistakes he said he made. I mean it happened at least three to four times a month where he was pushing me, holding me against my will, taking my cellphone, just doing things, accusing me of men; I’m always guilty of something.

So you have to ask: Are you jealous?, Are you insecure? Have you ever been jealous? Name something that you and your ex argued about, if you were in a relationship previously. Was she physically violent to you? Do you have a history of physical violence in your family? was your Dad physically violent to your mom? Have you witnessed any of those things?

It’s a lot of things that I didn’t ask. I didn’t even know that I would attract myself to someone who would physically abuse me.

Sister Tequella Muhammad, Interview on Brother Ben X’s podcast

He hit the wall next to my head. It scared the mess out of me. He didn’t hit me; he hit the wall. And that was my like first feeling of I guess fear. I don’t think this relationship was right. That was a red flag three months in, but because he didn’t physically hit me, I didn’t associate that with domestic violence.

Sister Tequella Muhammad, Interview on Brother Ben X’s podcast

You can leave and you can be successful wherever you go… Allah got you and He does not desire for you to go through that. He desires ease for us and He does not desire for us to go through pain in the hands of someone else when it’s physical like that.

Watch the domestic violence clip.


Sister Tequella has many roles to fill, but one of the greatest is to be a mother of six. Below are a few points of how to take time for yourself whether you’re a mother, wife, or woman in general.

  • Get up early in the morning, while children are sleeping

  • Take your time in the other room

  • Don’t feel guilty

Taking a break from your child is mental care.

Watch the motherhood playlist.

In closing, if you love Sister Tequella Muhammad, you will love our teacher, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Watch the short interview below to learn why she joined The Nation of Islam.

[The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan] is the salvation for me, that guidance, that voice, that trumpet that we were told would be in this time, that we would listen to. He is that salvation for me.

Support Sister Tequella Muhammad

Looking for items for your survival kits or grab and go/to-go bags? Purchase at her online store Ark Survival Surplus.

“I didn’t make the book just for children. It’s for parents, as well… [It] gives us reminders about things that we should be doing right now to make sure that we are preparing and that our children are preparing and know what we are doing.”

“It’s not just intended for the child. It’s just intended for this time that we are living in to prepare.”

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