Darrion Skinner: Reversing Homosexual Lifestyle

As a part of the homosexual agenda, when someone is coming out or being introduced to this lifestyle, they’re often told, “You’re not harming anyone, you’re loving someone”, Darrion Skinner shares, as a way of justifying the guilty conscious that this person may have. However, no matter what we want say to justify it, engaging in acts of homosexuality is not what God has for us.

I recently listened to Darrion Skinner’s story of his previous homosexual lifestyle and thought it needed to be shared with the world. One of the biggest takeaways that Darrion said is:

“Making the decision to live the same sex lifestyle robbed me… It added destruction to my life.”

As I was listening to Darrion’s story, I wondered who was there as a guide as he was growing up and he shared, “There was never anyone there to mentor and cultivate me.” When we reflect on those who “act out” we have to ask ourselves who do they have to look to as an example. Then, we have to reflect on what it was like for this person in their childhood. At the age of six, at a family gathering, a cousin helped Darrion in the restroom, and this was the first time Darrion was molested in a sodomising act that he enjoyed.

This new found sexual act (molestation that even happened at church) resulted in a spiral change in his behavior and he had a difficult time being able to enjoy life. Yes, he had wins, but he took more unnecessary l’s.

Darrion completed high school and military training, however, due to physical altercations surrounding being involved with the same sex, he was not able to attend what was supposed to be graduation celebrations to recognize his accomplishments. As he shared,“Same sex, it makes you do irrational and illogical things.” and at that time Darrion didn’t realize his decisions were not wise, which resulted to receiving his diploma in the mail. Darrion says,“It’s not a gift, it’s all about the choices you’re making.” However, are we aware of the decisions we’re making when our life is not in accord with God’s will?

Darrion mentioned, “God always had His hand on my life… always giving me the choice to go with him or go with myself.” Facts, no matter what sin, we actively choose to indulge in, God will give us multiple opportunities to accept His hand. When we decide to be a so-called adult, we begin to live for ourselves. Even when we don’t accept God’s hand, it does not mean, God leaves our life. It means that He will utilize different tactics, one being showing Himself in other vessels. Darrion, shared that he had multiple people show Him mercy over the course of him engaging in same sex relationships. “In spite of my dumb decisions, they still wanted to see the good in me… She was a place of warning (his spiritual mom)… He disciplined me in a loving way (I can’t recall who this was).” It’s important for anyone who has taken a detour in their life to be shown love. Oftentimes, when we go off track, there are people who shut us out, but in most cases, this is what keeps us away. So I encourage you to be there for your loved ones in their time of need, even when they’re not taking heed.

“With that lifestyle there’s always jealousy, there’s never enough… I had that urge that was never quenched.” After numerous challenges, Darrion realized he always wanted more and that what he was yearning for wasn’t actually his lustful desires.

“I had God’s protection because he had a plan for me”, says Darrien. The only way you’re going to get more of what you’ve been putting out is by giving to God. Darrien finally realized homosexuality wasn’t the best for him and that it was temporary comfort. He’s a living testimony and is someone who reversed the homosexual lifestyle for a relationship with God.

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