Dear Black Women


You have for so long been looked at as last, not supported as much as needed to be by your very one, the black man.

For so long you have been told that you are loud, ghetto, bitter, and angry. So many unjust and unwarranted labels have been placed on you that have not been deserved. Well, I just want to thank you.

I don’t see you as last. I see you as the right hand. The strength of a man when he is down. The backbone of the house whole. The voice inside our heads that reminds us men of who we are when we forget.

Your beauty can’t be duplicated.

Your skin comes in many shades. Yahweh has given your hair the ability to defy gravity. From your locs, your twist, your, braids, are all loved. Your hair is not nappy, full of thickness and strength. You are loud because the roar of a queen can not be silence. You are not ghetto, you are royalty. You are not bitter, you just don’t settle and have no time for games. Anger, you are far from it. You are full of passion and love.

BLACK WOMEN, I just want to tell you that you are loved and appreciated. I understand you don’t get the full support that you truly deserve and I am sorry for that. I understand that for years life has been a struggle and I’m sorry.

There are some of us black men out there who love y’all, that understand we need y’all, that are looking to do better and be better. I just want to thank you BLACK WOMEN for being our all in all. Even when we only gave you half.

Written by Robert Mitchell.

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