Dropped Seeds

10150743_10154028785780175_5727764396702081476_nTa-Neesha and I met around the time of Saviours’ Day 2014. I was given her number by the Captain in Toronto, to see about making arrangements to go down together. We were both processing at that same time, but had not met, she was a few months before me. We were in touch by phone for weeks before we actually met in-person the day we left for Detroit together.

In my opinion she was misunderstood by many (myself included, at times), but she was an extremely beautiful soul with pure intentions. She was passionate but very gracious and you could hear the excitement in her voice. She always had a story or experience to share, teachings/scripture to discuss and dreams or desires to share.

We also nearly lost our lives together coming from Detroit, img_7549 after an 18-wheeler lost control and crashed a few meters in front of us. She was chillingly calm about the whole thing. After comforting me the first thing she did was get out of the car and bring the clearly shaken up truck driver some water.

She inspired me the same way. Also me and her being the only new and younger sisters in years to be processing in our city was a blessing from Allah. We spoke a lot about the problems in our city and ways we could fix them. She was always eager and cheerful about going into the fields when she was around.

One thing I noticed for sure was how much she was loved. I knew she was heavy on social media and knew people across the nation, but after her passing I realized how many people she really touched and really inspired. She was loved all over our Nation.

I know that life in itself is precious and all of ours have purpose. I don’t know exactly how yet or why but she was someone very special.

I believe she dropped seeds in the hearts of many of us.

-Sister Ebboni X

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