Earth’s Rebirth: Angkor Wat

The modern name, Angkor Wat, means “Temple City” or “City of Temples” in Khmer. The original name of the temple was Vrah Viṣṇuloka (Sanskrit) or Brah Bisnulōk (Local variant) which means the sacred dwelling of Vishnu. 

This temple is speculated to be about 900 years old and was said to be built over night? Just like the pyramids, today’s technology can not replicate, megaliths all over our planet. They are willfully being deceitful about the age and timespan. Try trillion of years!

282d817d-5026-41bb-bc4a-d53616568218I say this about Angkor Wat: this was only covered in minor trees, but most are under layers of sediments, huge pyramid blanket, our planet. All over planet Earth she is disrobing all her gems. The buildings of ancient days are now being revealed. Earth is very old and mankind very young. Our temples and pyramid are ancient and coming back on line to do what they were intended to do. Intended to serve as an energy source for the Earth that emits light at certain times. It provides balance and distribution evenly.

Mankind has destroyed and disturb monuments through ignorance and ego thinking. I use the word mankind, because it is a kind of man and not the original. Aboriginals know the value of Earth and how cohesive it is to live in harmony with its provider. Angkor Wat is truly a master piece of a time mankind have no concept of. Vishnu the deity that this temple was supposedly built for is called the “preserver” interesting that this temple should and is intact for so long, marvelously as when it was created for a preserver.

The people of Earth have been divided and separated through the process of this one is better. “The idea of superiority.” It plays out for all who still want to engage in this behavior. Be it black or white, man verses woman. Good verses Evil or God verses the Devil there are so many to choose from. Duality is a son of a dog and is a definite deceit to put fear and to control the weak minded.

This might seem more advance, but it is far from it. Destruction and pollution has entered the Earth, but she will not have it anymore. Your time is up! Your time, for all who seek to destroy and manipulate and to control others, it’s up! You are here by leaving willingly or unwillingly. However, you are no longer going to behave in this manner and reside on Earth. She will take you out.

Earth is a consciousness, she feels, she hears, she sees and she is not pleased.

You (mankind) were not made to see her creation, her secrets are her’s. You know not the wonders of God’s abundance and the expanse of how she (The Earth) is fruitful. She puts up with us like any mother puts up with a child that has strayed, she bore the pain of sadness and hurt, but she has grown tired and is now stretching and moving and reorganizing herself she is moving through her rebirth. So be it!

That is all for now, maybe more on The Earth in the future.

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