Farrakhan: The Man & His Mission

Due to the practice of social distancing, every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday (for Self-Improvement: The Basis for Community Development) The Nation of Islam’s meetings are available for video streaming on NOI.org/webcast. On Sunday’s The National Assistant of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Brother Ishmael Muhammad presents the keynote address. This is a shortened transcription of the June 28, 2020 address at Mosque Maryam.

Everything that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has told us would come is now here. They are both in perfect alignment with the scriptures.

Brother Daniel X

Let us get nosy with Allah. Let us chat about Him and find out what He is up to, what is His Will for us, who are His chosen people, and what path does He desire for us to take in a time like this.

Brother Daniel X

Every Sunday, he seems to be offering to us a succulent, delicious, delectable warm served meal and every Sunday he is giving to us the guidance that is coming from the man of God in our midst, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. And every week, I am growing, learning, I’m enjoying. And when I go back, I generally go back to the webcast throughout the week because there are so many gems that he is dropping that I know that I missed the first time that I heard it. But if I am going to be successful, my family is going to be successful in a time like this, then I know that I have to study. And I not only have to be a hearer of The Word, but a doer of The Word. This morning he has another well served meal to bring to the people. He is The National Assistant to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is working hard on a weekly basis to make sure that we are learning and growing right along with him. Please help me to receive Minister Ishmael Muhammad.

The man that is among us is no light weight human being. The man who is among us is a very important human being—that has or I should say it this way—He’s priceless. He represents God’s Grace. He represents the undeserved, the unmerited favor of God. History has shown us that how people treat that servant of God determines the weight of the punishment that God brings upon the wicked.

The Minister has been an absolutely faithful warner from Allah to America and the world. He has been a friend and a brother to the oppressed of our planet, so today we want to talk about this beautiful man, this extraordinary human being. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan: The man, His divinity, His mission. A man like Farrakhan has never been. And a man like Farrakhan will never be again. He is unique, one of a kind, and I have been so blessed to know him for nearly fifty years of my life and have been by his side for the last forty-three years of his rebuilding work of The Nation of Islam. I could not have asked from Allah and my father a better example of what a man should be, what a man looks like. I could not have had in my life a better teacher. And if it be the will of Allah I pray that I will grow to live my life according to his example and the principles that he has taught me and millions around this planet.

I want to talk to us today about the beauty of this man’s heart for his heart is incomparable, matchless. A man like Farrakhan is not made by man, though he’s answer to the prayer of man and mankind, but a man like Farrakhan is made by God.

Farrakhan the solider, Farrakhan the brother, Farrkhan the helper and representative of God and His Christ.
When you talk about the qualities and attributes of a leader, the first thing you look at is the character of a man. For the character of a man that’s the essential quality, the nature and moral strength. When you have character, you have self-discipline, when you’re a man or woman of character, you have fortitude and it is this essential quality that God looks for that He may work through that man to fulfill the purpose of His Will.
When you talk about Farrakhan, you’re talking about a man of integrity. A man who lives by moral law, divine law, moral and ethical principles, and a man that does not lie. And a man that tells the truth. There are many that say a lot of ugly things about my minister, but the one thing you cannot say—and that has not come out of your lips, which is the most important thing— is that Farrakhan is a liar. You say a lot of things that are ugly, that are beneath him that are false, but you never say he’s a liar. So what we have in Brother Farrakhan is a vessel of truth, a man who says what he’s going to do. He doesn’t say that which he does not do. And you can always rely and trust in a man that always speaks the truth.
A man full of compassion, sympathy for his people. Always from a child wanting to aid and assist in the rise of our suffering people in America and the members of the original people our our planet—the Native American, the Hispanic and Latino family, our Asian family, and even poor whites. He’s born to show compassion to every member of the human family.
He’s an honest man. Yes, he is. He is authentic. He’s genuine or as we would say it with a little flavor, gen-u-wine. It don’t get more gen-u-wine and authentic than what you meet in Brother Farrakhan. A man who will not lie, cheat, or steal. A man who always shows fairness, sincerity, is straightforward. He’s absolutely free from deceit.
He’s marked with humility. His teacher said of him that he is a humble brother. Whatever he’s blessed to do he always gives the credit to God.

Most of us with our egos, most of us that are full of vanity, we want praise for ourselves, but Brother Farrakhan he’s not that kind of man. He’s not that kind of person. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said of him, talking about him getting us across the lake on his shoulders. That’s saying a lot. It’s letting you know that the constitution of the man, that he has the capacity and equipped by God to carry an entire people from danger to a place of safety. And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, and when he gets you to the other side—notice he didn’t say if he gets you—when he gets you. In other words, the man is going to succeed in the assignment that God has laid upon his shoulders. And when he gets you safely to the other side, he won’t say look what I have done. He will say, look at what Allah has done for he is a very humble brother.
In all of these wonderful characteristics, all of these wonderful attributes and qualities can be summed up in one word, love. And love is a verb; it’s action.

It is the demonstration and actions of Brother Farrakhan that prove his love for God, his love for truth, his love for our suffering people, his love to see and work towards the freedom of the human family from the grip of satan. So love is the action of dutifulness. All of this is Brother Farrakhan. And when you have God, you have God. The scriptures says God is love. So that symbol in mathematics, God is—Is means that whatever is on one side is equal to what is on the other side.

When you are truly loved by a man that is in your midst, then you know that you have the presence of God among you. God is love.
Brother Farrakhan is a divine man.
Brother Farrakhan is too important to the rise of our people who are crying out for justice. And therefore, God warns the enemy: Do not touch my anointed nor kill the prophets. Well you have killed some prophets of God. But this one is so special to God that in the scriptures blasphemy of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is an unpardonable sin.
material at birth
His mother bore him with pain and sorrow and she tried to abort The Minister three times.

Then, she decided to have him after his failed three attempts.

“Don’t kill your child for if you kill your child, you’re killing the future of our nation because God answers the prayers of the people through his laboratory through His sacred womb of the female.”
-The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
From a little boy, this little precious boy, Minister Louis Farrakhan was born to be the servant of God. As a young boy, he always desired in his heart to see Black people free.
He would share with us that he cried at night and especially after coming from church and Sunday school class, where he would ask his Sunday school teacher: If God gave Moses to the children of Israel to deliver them from the land of bondage and if God always stood on the side of the enslaved and the oppressed why hasn’t God sent someone to us? [His] pastors and Sunday school teachers and no answers for him, so The Minister was upset because as a Christian he loved Jesus Christ. But when he was a young man, he learned how white Christians did horrible things to Black Christians and no intercession was taken on our behalf. He always felt the pain of those that he would read about in the Crisis Magazine of his day or in the Afro American, or the Pittsburgh Courier. When he would read of the lynchings, and the burning, and the castrations, and the terrible torture of Black people when white people felt that we had done something wrong or improper. And so The Minister’s heart ached to see his people free. So he started to look, he started to search for somebody who would address the concerns of our people?

Why is important to know the man? Because you got to know. You don’t know any child that aches, and is pained, and cries at night over the pain and suffering of his people. And then sets out to search for someone that he can go and assist in the rise of our people. And that’s why when Farrakhan speaks it resonates and goes deep down into the souls of us. He’s magnetic and the reason why he reaches so deep down into our souls, it is out of that longing and yearning for us for centuries of mistreatment, for centuries of enslavement. So when that man speaks, it’s God speaking to that man as an answer to our prayers.
So when The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was eleven years old… he saw a picture of a Blackman over his mantle…He thought that was strange because all the homes that he had visited as a young man all the black homes had a picture of Jesus, a white person…

When he asked his uncle, who is that man on the wall. His uncle said, he is a man that came to unite black people. And that fascinated him and so he asked his uncle to pull up a chair, so that he could look into the face of this beautiful Blackman and drink in the features of this Blackman who had come to unite Black people.

And as The Minister was looking in his face and studying his feature, he asked his uncle where is he that I may go and be with him. That’s an eleven year old talking. And his uncle said, he’s passed away. And when his uncle told him that the tears fell from his eyes because he thought that he had come so close for what his heart was yearning for. He was searching for someone that could relieve the suffering of his people, but that man was gone. So he always was searching for a man that would stand up for us. And his search continued until he heard that God had raised a messenger for us. Think about that. And when he learned that God had raised a messenger for us, he immediately wanted to go see this man.
The word that God gave to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a word that was designed to fit the condition of our minds at that time, but it would require a deeper study of that same word. So the loosening of the knot would involve to disentangle us from a limited understanding of what we thought and what we understood when we first heard the word from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. That is why his value is so important to the mission of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to the mission of God.
When Jesus came, scholars have written of Jesus and said that he is the fulfillment of this prophecy of a man like Moses. Scholars in Islam, they claim that Prophet Muhammad PBUH was the fulfillment of a prophet like Moses.

I beg to differ, a prophet likes Moses has to be a man who was or is a descendant of slaves. A prophet likes Moses has to have a people who are in bondage. A prophet like Moses has to be living in a slave empire. A prophet likes Moses has to be under the oppression of a proud ruler like Pharoah was. Jesus was not an ex slave nor was his parents, so he’s not a descendant of slave nor was he under a Pharoah as a ruler.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was not a slave or a descendant of slaves, so the prophet like Moses he has to be a man who comes from the bloodline that was taken into captivity and into bondage.

So we recognize The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in fulfillment of the prophet like Moses. Like Moses had to plead with a Pharoah He had to deal with the conspiracy and plan of Pharoah and his government to destroy the population by means of birth control and prevent the multiplication of the children of Israel. Pharoah had a plan against the male child. Pharoah was a wicked ruler. Come, he said, ‘let’s deal wisely with them lest they multiply and join on to an enemy and come against them’. Pharoah was powerful. Pharoah and Egypt in his day was not only a slave empire, but they were strong militarily. He we are in America, a slave empire. Her seal bares the symbols of ancient Egypt. This is America the wealthy and most powerful nation on Earth. The prophet like Moses is a man that God raises up in a modern Egypt, a modern Rome, a modern Babylon. And that Prophet like Moses is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
Do you know that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said of The Minister, you are more valuable to me than a truck load of diamonds and gold.

This is another man talking to another man talking about another man. You don’t know any human being on the planet that would place that kind of value on another human being because we are all seeking at least a little diamond. But here The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is placing value on his minister.

So I had The Math Doctor, Student Minister Shahid Muhammad do the math for me.

Elijah Muhammad did not suddenly drop out the scene. It was all arranged and before he left, he told his minister, ‘Brother, you can sit in my seat as a father over the house in my absence. Why do you think Brother Farrakhan has been more successful than any other leader? Why do you think The Nation of Islam has withstood the time and is here ninety years later, since Master Fard Muhammad has made Himself known? You’ve got to look at your Nation of Islam. It is backed by the powers of God. And the gates of hell cannot prevail against this house. Brother Farrakhan has been the most successful of any leader and that should tell you it’s because he has the backing of God.

Brother Farrakhan has been the most successful of any leader and that should tell you it is because he has the backing of God. No other leader could call a million man and a million man answer that call. No other leader has spoken to the presidents and spoken to the government taking strength to power like The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

That should tell you. That’s enough. That’s enough right there to let you know that truly that is a divine man among us.

When The Honorable Elijah Muhammad left, his name, his character, his work, everything that he sacrificed for was buried, but The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan rose three days later, three years later, and he lifted his teacher up.
They wanted to write The Honorable Elijah Muhammad out of history, but because of this man’s love. Now all over the world, they’re talking about Elijah Muhammad and what he taught because of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

That’s why the enemy, he gets so upset when any of those who he controls hears The Minister, lifts The Minister. Why are you so upset? And he tries to make jaundice a contagion. What do you mean? Because he speaks ugly things about The Minister that distorts people’s view of him. So many stay away because they heard something. But those who have heard The Minister, those that acquaint themselves with The Minister know that he is the exact opposite of how he is portrayed and represented in the media.

He’s been anointed.
That’s very significant because Day was a king. David was a prophet. David was a musician. David slew Goliath.
Everybody else have been defeated, but here is this man David. And he goes out to meet Goliath on the battlefield. And all he had was five smooth stones in a pouch and a sling slot. And he reached in and just pulled one stone. Pop. Struck Goliath right in the center of his forehead and Goliath came tumbling down. And then took Goliath sword and stood on top of him and decapitated him. And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, ‘Those five smooth stones represent the principles of faith. And he only needed one stone to defeat Goliath, belief in God.’

We see a great nation unraveling. You claim to trust in God. You ask God to bless America. the pledge of allegiance says, ‘one nation under God, indivisible, with freedom, and justice for all.’ Well you lie in that, but you claim to trust in God. It’s inscribed on your currency. The Ten Commandments are inscribed over your courthouse, The Supreme Court. You open up the senate, the house of representatives with prayer. And as The Minister said with no real connection or a weak prayer with no real connection to God. So a nation that claims to be under God why is not the leadership looking to God? Nobody that speaks into the crisis, into race relations, into the dilemma that America is facing nobody is talking about what sayeth The Lord. But one man among us represents God and that is absolutely what we are going to hear on Saturday, the fourth of July.

In these ninety years, these two men, these two divine servants of God, they have their arms stretched out to us. They have the solution to all of our problems and they have their open arms to embrace us. It’s time Black America to look at The Muslim Program. It’s time Black America to look at the solutions that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has given us to our problems. It’s time America for you to listen to the modern Moses and Aaron in your midst. It’s time America that you listen to the Jonah that God has given to you. It’s time for us to really lend our ear to the voice of God, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will speak on July 4, 2020, Insha’Allah (God Willing).

We can expect to receive divine guidance. What can we expect to hear from The Honorable Minister Minister Louis Farrakhan. You can expect to hear, we can expect to hear more of the same. What do you mean by that? The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been consistent for forty-three years representing his teacher and that message from God to the world. This is the final call. One may ask, who is Brother Farrakhan to speak to the world? Who is Brother Farrakhan to speak to The President of The United States, President Donald Trump? Who is Minister Farrakhan to speak to world leaders, to speak to the Pope of Rome, to the religious leaders around the world. My answer to you: Was it not God who intervened in the affairs of Egypt and raised Moses, an ex slave and his Brother Aaron? Was it not only Moses and Aaron that offered to Egypt a solution to its dilemma to the problem of the slave, the problem of race relations? Was it not God’s intervention in ancient Babylon? Did he not raise Daniel? And Daniel was the only one in the land to interpret the king’s dreams and to interpret the handwriting that was on the wall that the King Nebuchadnezzar had seen in his dream? Was it Joseph, the only one who could interpret in his time, the dreams that had troubled the king of Egypt? So you should not be surprised since God’s pattern never changes that God has found fit to choose one from amongst us from the ex slaves, from the poor, from the despised from the rejected to speak to the wicked and the powerful today. You will do yourselves a great service to hear what The Minister is saying and has to say. And by God’s grace, we will hear from that man this Saturday.

We’re going to hear a man who speaks with clarity, no confusion, no idle word, won’t be stumbling in speech. He will speak with clear direction for the nation, for the Black community, for our Native American, our Brown, our Red, for the whole of humanity.

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