Fried BBQ Cauliflower at Majani tastes like chicken. Get you some!

I love exploring vegetarian and vegan restaurants. I visited Majani for the second time and decided to taste their fried BBQ cauliflower. Let’s just say I am in love!

Yesterday was my day to eat (I’m on an every other day fast with the start of every week being a three-day fast kinda diet) and I was looking for a treat. I remember having some of what Majani had to offer a few weeks ahead and thought to myself, why not have it again, especially on Shop Small Saturday.

After ordering, it felt like I was waiting for the place to be built. I looked in the kitchen area and noticed one of the cooks placing cauliflower in a container, but then she placed it on a plate. I’m thinking, “why is she preparing this for a dine-in guest, I want mine” *internal whine*. I seen a young girl being served the cauliflower and she was like, “yay! I love this!”. I’m thinking OMGee! Can mine get out any quicker? I’m inhaling all of the delicious smells and at this point, I want everything in the place (even all of what I don’t eat. lets’s cancel all dietary restrictions). Okay, I’m over exaggerating, but I was HI, hungimpatient (which means that I wanted it now)!

I looked over the corner and seen more cauliflower in containers, so I finally asked if mine was ready, in a sweet voice, of course. I didn’t want to show signs of my HI. You know it was mine, right? So the Sister asked if I wanted a bag, I’m like, “no ma’am, I don’t want to waste it, may I have a fork, please”. Why is my mouth watering when I’ve never had this before? You also know I ate this in the car. I couldn’t wait, but it was definitely worth the wait.

I shared with my Nana and she was like, “it tastes like chicken”. She is a carnivore, so I would have understood if she said she didn’t like it. But she genuinely said, it tastes like fried chicken and tried to get her husband, my Papa to try it.

It’s finally time that I cook my own. I don’t like frying foods, so I’ll wait to purchase the air fryer for an alternative way to make “healthy” fried meals.

Anywho, I’m so excited and am acting as if I’m eating them at this very moment. I’m not, but I had to let you know that Majani is worth supporting. They are a vegetarian-vegan Chicago restaurant with gluten and soy-free options.

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