From Christian to Muslim: Former Rapper Loon Shares His Story

Do you remember Loon? He was a rapper signed to Sean Diddy Comb’s Bad Boy Records, who moved on to have his own label. Soon after he was convicted of conspiracy with intent to traffic kilos of heroin and sentenced to jail for 14 years. Although, he was innocent, as most Black men are, he served his time while never complaining. Below is a snippet of awakening moments as he shares his story of struggle to spiritual success titled “The Wake Up Call”.

“I was surrounded by drugs, I was surround by violence, I was surrounded by crime, this was a lifestyle that I endured by default. It wasn’t my choice. By default. And today, some of the Brothers and Sisters try to incorporate this into an understanding that is so pure and that purity in simplicity is Islam. I spent a huge percentage of my life in darkness, doing for many years what I thought was right, but to become a Muslim and find out that I was spending 24-hours of my day, consistently everyday, involving myself and indulging in all of the major sins that are prohibited (timeframe of video: 11:00 – 11:57).

I was searching for something and Allah guided me to Islam, but dig this? You were born this way… Growing up you know as a Christian, I had certain suspicions when I was young. ‘Cause I used to spend 6 days a week in the church… I was tired, I had to sit there and watch these people sing all day. I remember I used to go to Bible studies. I remember just repeatedly kept hearing about Jesus praying… So I remember asking my pastor, I said ‘Pastor, I need to ask you a question’. He said, ‘what’s the problem son’?:

Q: If Jesus is God and he’s praying. Who’s he praying to?

And he just shut me down.

“Boy, you don’t believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour”? I’m like calm down. He was just about to beat me down. I’m a little kid, I’m like 8/9-years-old. But it was a legitimate question and you got me at Bible Study, so eventually, I’m going to come across this. Anyone who is there for the right reasons; you know not just there ’cause grandma is saying or just there because you have to be there. I was learning things myself. And I started to see certain things that just didn’t make sense. And he just kinda shut me down. From that point, I never went to church again. I said to myself,

I’m just going to believe in God ’cause whoever Jesus is praying to that’s The Man.

That’s The Man ’cause I tried to pray to Jesus and I can’t say the response time was always on time… But I know when I used to scream “Oh My God”, it seemed like something was working. And I knew that there was only One Creator and Islam made all of this clear to me.”

-Amir Junaid Muhadith (formerly known as Loon), watch below at 30:19 – 32

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