Get Out: More than a movie. It’s our reality.

The first time I seen the trailer of Get Out, I knew this movie would have a “Wake Up” message to it. Especially with the vocal queue, “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”. The production cost under $5 million to produce with a projection of $20 million with it’s weekend debut. However, the film brought in approximately $30.5 million. Plus, the theaters are still being sold out across cities. *Applauds* Jordan Peele for the success of the movie thus far and for the well thought out script. It also looks as if he has plans to direct a whole series of horror movies about ‘social demons’. 

Hear from Jordan Peele himself: “It’s about racism… People are trying to say we’re in this post racial America… This movie was me showing why we are not… Obviously now, it’s no mistake… It’s (racism has) always been here… Right now this movie is actually more important than I intended it to be.”


Warning to the person delaying to watch the movie, this posts contains spoiler alerts. Warning to all readers, although the goal is to keep DJAWP clean, there are a few curse words.

Message 1: There is power in music and vocal queues.

I remembered the vocal queue “The mind is a terrible thing to waste” from the trailer. You hear it in the movie, when Chris is watching the TV in the basement. Did you know it’s an old time slogan from the 1981 United Negro College Fund – History Lesson PSA (click the link & watch the video). I think Malcolm X coined it first.

awaken_my_love-1-810x810The lyrics of the song that’s playing once they show Chris (the main character) is Stay woke… they gon’ find you, catch you sleeping… don’t you close your eyes”. The song is Redbone by Childish Gambino. This has to be very intentional – In fact, I think every action in this movie had a message. Now, I want to actually give “Awaken, My Love” a close listen.

That’s a jewel that I did not know, but I was curious to know what was being said.

The song at the beginning and end is telling us, “Listen to your ancestors… run away!”



Message 2: The role of the white woman & feminization of the Blackman.

Screenshot from Get Out trailer.
Photo credits: Universal Pictures

Once Chris and Rose get stopped by the police, you notice Rose starts “defending” Chris. She even says, “I’m not going to let anyone f*** with my man”. White people play the role of being “down” for us when it’s convenient for them and honestly we need to be alert when they’re being “too” nice. We somehow are concerned when our own are too nice, but don’t think twice when it’s a white person. Why is that? Chris was reminded of their nature by the way the cop dealt with him, but his “girlfriend” made him feel comfortable about the situation. Did you really think Rose was defending Chris? If the report had both licenses on file and if there would have been a missing report on file for Chris, it would’ve led to Rose.


“The serpent, the devil, dragon, satan, seems to have been seeking the weaker part of man (the woman) to bring to naught the man — the Divine Man. It is his first and last trick to deceive the people of God through the woman or with the woman.”

-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Message to The Blackman, page 127


  • Why wasn’t Chris driving?
  • After hitting the deer, Rose checked on Chris. As the man, he should be checking on her first. It’s in the man’s nature to protect.
  • When the police asked for Chris’ license, Chris was going to hand it over without a problem. Did you notice Rose was handling the situation? The officer was speaking directly to Chris. As a man, Chris should have been the person dealing with the officer – it was a man-to-man conversation. I’m not saying there’s a problem with a woman defending her man (when genuine). However, there’s a message here.

understanding-the-assault-on-the-black-man-black-manhood-and-black-masculinityIs that Chris in the cover of the book? *laughs*  Understanding the Assault on The Black Man, Black Manhood and Black Masculinity by Brother Wesley Muhammad, PH.D. is a highly recommended read.

Message 3: Dianetics clears the mind.

Parsing words is very important. Therefore, here are some definitions, just in case. Dianetics is the science of the mind. Dianetic technique deletes, without drugs, hypnotism, surgery, shock or other artificial means, the blocks from … various dynamics Engrams: any moment of greater or lesser “unconsciousness” on the part of the analytical mind which permits the reactive mind to record; the total content of that moment with all perceptics.  It’s basically anything that causes you to act with your reactive mind. Keyed-in: a dormant engram that has activated and is now thrown into circuit. It demonstrates to the organism that something like the first accident (identity-thought) could happen again.  Reverie: a light state of “concentration” not to be confused with hypnosis; in reverie the person is full aware of what is taking place in the present. In recall, we want to know if he can recall by sonic (hearing), vision (seeing) and somatic (feeling). It’s a huge difference than remembering something – when you recall, you relive the experience to confront and become cleared of a situation. Auditor: the individual who administers Dianetic therapy. To audit means “to listen” and also “to compute”. Watch this video to learn more.

Did you notice Rose didn’t care about the deer, but how concerned Chris was? This is the first time we notice a key-in of Chris’ engram of his mom. His watery eyes aren’t because of the deer (although we can tell he cares), but it’s because of his mom.  

You will notice Missy (Rose’s mom) inquiring about Chris’ parents when they’re getting to know one another. She does a great job establishing what may be an engram as bait to get inside of his head.

Georgina pouring tea
Photo credits: Universal Pictures

Do you know what caused Georgina to freeze? Missy clicked the spoon against the glass, which is the command that causes her to momentarily be hypnotized. She then tells Rose to get some rest.

Later, in the hypnosis session with Chris, Missy asks about his mom and begins taking him under reverie. Throughout the session, she’s listening attentively to help him recall. She does this by asking what he hears (the tv and the rain), what he did, how he feels. Last, giving him the command to find it. You will notice he begins to recall that moment and begins to cry and scratch the chair that he’s currently sitting in similar to what he did in his youth.

A bad auditor will make you feel worse by doing any of the following:

  • Give you commands that’s not in the code
  • Performing hypnotism
  • Leaving you in the past (not bringing you back to present time). We should never be sent to the “sunken” place. The sunken place is symbolism of being mentally dead.
  • Zero pleasure moments

Black people were being hypnotized with a silver spoon. Am I overthinking this or does it have any meaning?

Message 4: BINGO = Auction

BINGO was their code for modern slave auction. Were you listening to the questions Chris received during the event?

During slavery we’re disconnected from our families for a multitude of reasons. There’s a message in the Armitage’s ensuring Chris’ phone no longer had any battery life. This isn’t just for the sake of not being able to call anyone when things go left, but because he’s supposed to be completely absorbed with his new way of life (a horrible condition).

Message 5: Molding our Blackness because melanin is magic and longevity!

Dean (Rose’s dad) makes racial comments upon meeting Chris – when he’s talking about the deer. Do you remember the term “buck”? Dean was making it clear that it was good that the deer was dead, just like it was going to be good to kill Chris. Later, it was ironic when Dean was killed with the deer’s antlers and let’s save the reasons why he was burned in fire.

“We hired Georgina and Walter to help care for my parents. When they died, I couldn’t bear to let them go.” Did you really think ‘them’ was referring to Georgina and Walter. No! This was in regards to Dean’s parents. If you haven’t caught on the brains of the grandma and grandpa are in the Black bodies of young melaninated Georgina and Walter.

This is why Walter was running. Remember what Dean says on the tour? Something along the lines of his father never getting over his loss to Jesse Owens in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

Photo credits: Universal Pictures
Photo credits: Universal Pictures
Walter & Andre
Photo credits: Universal Pictures

Why do you think Georgina was fixing her hair? She certainly wasn’t flirting with Chris (as he thought). I’m sure it was so she could hide the scars from the transplantation procedure. Also, look at the wig on her head? Do you recall the photos that Chris saw in the closet? Georgina had long wooly hair. They got rid of that, huh? I bet that was the grandmother’s request. What about everyone who were in the photos? In this case, none of them were light-skinned. They were after Black people who were darker.

Did you notice both Andre (Logan) and Walter wore hats?

OPINION Why ‘Get Out’, a Movie About Anti-Black Racism, Had an Asian Character
Click the photo to read Ranier Maningding’s opinion.

What was the significance of the Asian man? The yellow man was the last to be made prior to the white man. Therefore, some of them are trying to understand where they fit in (hence his question).

Why were the cigarettes a problem? This wasn’t about smoking around Rose. We know cigarettes does damage to our organs. They wanted Chris’ body to be as pure and strong as possible. Did you notice how Rose chose prospects? Remember when she BING’d Black NCAA men. What’s interesting is in our reality, there are a lot of Black men in the league who marry a white woman.

Let’s go back to the tour when Dean says, “That’s the basement, we had to seal it up … black mold is down there.” That’s actually pretty deep! The word mold means a hollow form or matrix for giving a particular shape to something in a molten or plastic state. White people try putting us in the matrix and keeping us there and that’s basically what the basement was “the matrix” where the transplantation procedures took place.

Roman Armitage, the grandfather said You have been chosen because of the natural advantages that you’ve been born with… The carragula/coagula (please correct me if you know the right word here) experience is a manmade experiment.” The grandfather was explaining how they’re getting better with the experiment each time. As time goes by the epidemics increase and more of us are falling into their traps without questions, while they’re looking to kills us off and come after our physical superior bodies.

What were the phases of the procedure?

  1. Hypnotism (sedation)
  2. Mental preparation
  3. Transplantation





There are people who are telling me organ harvesting isn’t real. How can you say this entire movie is just for entertainment, but that’s how mentally dead we are. What about Kendrick Johnson – Did you forget about him? On January 11, 2013 his face was beaten, along with his skull and body was found stuffed with newspaper rolled up in a mat of his high school gym. When Dr. Bill Anderson, the private pathologist who conducted the second autopsy, opened up the teen’s remains, the brain, heart, lungs, liver and other viscera were missing. Every organ from the pelvis to the skull was gone. Learn more here.

White people are after Blacks because they know we’re Original and they know about melanin more than some of us. They’re the weaker germ of us and they want to extend their lives with our organs. Why do you think transplants exist in the first place?

Message 6: Separation is the only answer.

Did you notice Rose’s wall? All of the pictures of the men and women she lured in were now framed. White people are not our friends. Yes, we know there are a few good ones, but it’s in their nature to rebel with an aim to conquer.

You want to argue with separation being the only answer? Why was Rose eating cereal separate from the milk? In her mind color should not be with white. Is that just her mind or there truth in that?

It should be understood Black is not a color. It’s what we’ve been taught, but it’s the essence and all colors come out of Black.

Message 7: Have no fear for the future: The Future is Ours! 

Click the link above and study the divine lecture that The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave in February.

The camera’s flash was a symbol of light and truth. It was a trigger and symbolism of raising the dead.

Remember the blind white man said, “You won’t be gone completely… A dead consciousness… Your existence will be as a passenger… You’ll live in a sunken place.” That’s what happens to us in America and we need someone to wake us up from our dead state.

Notice when the people were flashed by the light, they were like a “deer in headlights”. You know how deers don’t like bright lights and flashed, they just freeze. That’s how we are as Blacks. We don’t know how to accept truth and when it comes, sometimes we get stuck, we freeze.

Any sign of truth is all we need as a people. The minute the white man notices we’re beginning to wake up, they start pacifying us. In the movie, you notice they tell Andre (Logan) he needs some rest after telling Chris to “get out”. That’s what happens when we wake up, we notice we need to “get out” of the thinking of this world. What did they do after his “seizure with aggression”? They put him back to sleep with hypnosis. Today, with any sign of us speaking truth – aren’t they calling us aggressive or angry? You know you’ve been called the “angry Black woman”or “thug” who needed to tone it down. Their way of toning it down was putting us back under hypnosis.

When Chris was tied to the chair, it waxs like he was chained, only it was with leather. While he’s in the chair, he notices cotton and begins picking it and uses this to keep him from going back to the sunken place. What are using to protect yourself from falling into the sunken place? When are you going to stop feeding your mind with the television? Free yourself.

When you wake up, do you fall back asleep and go back to your open enemy? Remember the end when Rose started telling Chris she loves him? He did not give in and that was a happy moment for me. Did you notice what she was wearing? She looked like a modern colonial hunter who was after her “property”, commanding her other slaves to help kill their Brother.

All of us aren’t going to make it. We’re going to want to bring everyone along with us, but some of us won’t wake up. When Chris went back to grab Georgina, we know that was the grandmother. However, there’s a different message here. There’s going to be our own who will fight us because they see integration as a solution and this world as a place where they fit, despite all that’s being revealed. Others will wake up and feel as if there’s nothing else that they can do causing them to commit suicide like Walter did. Luckily, he killed Rose first.

I got mad when I seen the police car and Chris surrendering, but was so relieved when it was Rod. I’m happy the Blackman was the last one standing. Too often, when we see a horror movie, we already know the Blackman is going to die, but this time we watch our Brother being concerned and putting up a fight to save his life. This is what we all have to do! I love how Chris wasn’t portrayed as a Blackman who is angry or egotistical, despite the loss of both parents.

Jessica Wilkins writes it so beautiful: “Likewise because black skin has been weaponized in real life, black victims are rarely ever actually seen as victims.  It is always presumed that we are somehow responsible for our pain, or even our death.  Think back to the many senseless deaths of young black men that we’ve seen, and white America’s initial reaction was to victim blame.  It is interesting (to say the least) that even in horror films wherein there are fantastical monsters and creatures, it is still so very unlikely that a black character can be a multi dimensional person, thus a real victim with real implications in the plot.  That is the beauty in Chris’ character.  He gets to be the focus of the film, and thus a real victim.”

When we win, we won’t be the ones putting our hands up due to white supremacy, but because it’ll be to God who we are to be in complete submission to.

If you need a flash, I offer Message to the Blackman to you. “As we near the exhaustion of the Wisdom of this world which has not been able to shed enough light on our path in search for that Supreme Wisdom to keep us from stumbling and falling, we now seek the wisdom of Allah, The Best Knower and Guide in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad (to Whom be praised forever). The reader will find that light in this book.”

-The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, Preface

Message 8: We handle s*** with security! 

You heard Rod say, “I’m TS – motherf*cking – A… we handle sh*t. Consider this situation handled”. At another point, he says something along the lines of “[Sometimes we know more about security than the police]”.

Who does Rod represent? He’s The Believer. The FOI. The Vanguard. The 10,000 Fearless. Do you want to be a Rod? Sign up here.

Everyone thought Rod was crazy. They ignored and mocked him, but he was right and he’s the example of a real friend. Think about that one person you know who is always dropping “conspiracy theories”. Have you thought about looking more into what they’re sharing with you.

Message 9: Get Out 

“GET OUT” was the last visual of the movie. Jordan Peele wanted to make it clear.

I’m sure I missed other messages (I couldn’t include everything I noticed). I would love to know what you saw that wasn’t captured here and know your thoughts on what was shared.

Although I wish more of us took the time to watch truthful movies (ex. Birth of a Nation), I understand why so many people were drawn to this movie. It was a horror that included comedy. There were a lot of people who weren’t thinking of seeing this movie to be educated, but there were plenty who came out fed. This shows us that we have to be creative when informing people. We don’t want to be entertaining, but messages spread quicker so we must find balance.

The movie has a “Wake Up” message to the 85% who are sleep and a “Stay Woke” message to the 5%. I hope this movie is motivation for you to see the reality you’re in. Last, I encourage you to do your own research, pay close attention to the movies that are being released and study them. Ask yourself: why are they telling particular stories now and what’s the significance.

2 thoughts on “Get Out: More than a movie. It’s our reality.

  1. I notice the pictures in Chris apt. The little boy with the iron mask. Rose brother had that mask. Same mask was found in the car. People wear mask until they get what they want.

    1. Interesting Rose. I did not notice this. I’ll take a look when I get a chance to watch the movie again. I love the last line. “People wear mask until they get what they want.” You think so? How so?

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