How are le brain waves?

Sometimes connections you have are with those who are far away. And there’s a lesson they have for us across the other side of the world if only we listen to the inner god in them. Sister, I love and thank you for being a reflection.

Sister Ta-Neesha 1Today, I’m not going to let my “brain waves weary”, that’s what she used to say.  But I am going to search for me in her.

She reminds me of me. The judgement from a lack of being understood with a beautiful and free-spirited personable personality.

I don’t recall our first initial conversation. However, I do remember the first time we had a real exchange on Twitter in 2014. She reminded me of myself. She lived far from the mosque (one of the struggles we both share) and those who she had a connection with were Sisters who lived in the U.S., which she did not. 

She was literally someone who could get along with anyone, if only people tried. I know her as someone who did not judge, but who was discriminated by many. She was so supportive and selective with her word choice when dealing with others. I could tell how much she grew in a year timespan.

In 2015, I realized how much we were alike and how we would turn the tables in uplifting one another. Turned out we both needed one another at different times. She was one of my accountability partners.

From the support that we both offered, we then began to share what we planned for our future. We discussed heartbreak, marriage, mostly having a nation of children within our homes. We were alike in so many ways.

fullsizerenderSad that I lost our messages in my phone. There were so many reminders, words of encouragement and personal stories, but I’m happy that I can go online and see glimpses of her again.

Sister Ta-Neesha, my Jamaican cultured Sis with a Canadian accent, I will like Buju Banton “rule our destiny”. This is one of our favorite songs that we shared, a lot of power in it, I encourage you to click the link for a listen.

You are missed.
You are loved.
You are remembered.
*In your voice* Thank you kindly beloved.
Your reflection lives on.
Le brain waves are on a high plane.

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