In 2018, take care of you!

Peaceful New Year!

How many years have you spent writing new year resolutions, but not actually making new year resolutions? This year, I encourage us to have a made up mind. As The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches, “Beloved, there is nothing more powerful than a made-up mind. Don’t say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Don’t tell me about “tomorrow.” Don’t tell me about tomorrow, because you know nothing about tomorrow. All that you have is this moment in time. Make up your mind, now!”

Read “Ditch the usual New Years resolution: Do these 5 things instead” by Ebboni X Savory to help you implement achievable practices.

How full is your cup?

In 2017, I spent a lot of time pouring into others. You’re probably thinking what’s wrong with that? Nothing, unless you’re doing that more than you’re filling your cup. In 2017, I poured into everyone’s cup before mine was filled. This year, I’m only pouring if my cup is overflowing. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but it’s important for me to master the need to do for self first.

The goal is to have an overflowing cup before you give.

Clean and detox

  1. Clean your environment: Once you make your mind up, it’s important to thoroughly clean your space (your home, your car, etc.) before clearing your mind. Your mind feeds off what it sees. When you’re living in a cluttered space, it’s hard for your mind to focus, especially when there are so many visuals in sight.
  2. Fast/detox: Controlling your stomach will help release chemicals that are in your body and it will help prepare your mind for focus and quiet time. What you eat also has a huge affect on what you think. Eat to think. Eat to live. Last, watch what you intake once you decide to break the fast. Don’t allow your time of fasting to go to waste.
  3. Reflect on your strengths and growth areas. Affirm self <click to read me). As you accept the process of growing, those who no longer serve you, will automatically be removed from your life.
  4. Live for you. Put yourself in a confined space <click to read me).


It’s easier to say what we can do, but it’s harder to put everything in practice. I simply advise that you (that we) just get started doing whatever we want. “[The Honorable Elijah Muhammad] said when people wrote him about their bad habits, “How can I stop?” he said, “Just stop.” Why would he say something like that? There’s no big, long drawn-out thing, to break a habit. You have to develop the Will to stop, and then stop… You can stop any bad habit once you make up your mind!” -The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Restrictive Law of Islam Is Our Success, page 61

Therefore, if all that’s required of us is to stop when we want to break a bad habit, then if we want to acquire a habit, it would be that we just start.

Starting is the hard part. The reason why you started is what helps with consistency.

What do you envision and who will hold you responsible?

In order for me to ensure I’m ready to accept the challenge, I’ve worked on vision boards that will keep me focused throughout each day. We as a people have zero limits. However, it’s important for us to set boundaries. Boundaries do not mean you’re limited, just as loving someone with conditions does not mean you don’t truly love them. We even have to love ourselves with conditions. When I’m living other than self in a way that is not pleasing to Allah (God), I can’t say that I love the person I am portraying. I do love myself enough to accept my own and be myself and you can’t do that without conditions. Loving with conditions shows your love for others; it’s called accepting responsibility in the form of being accountable. Do you have an accountability partner? <click to read me)

The best accountability partner is Allah (God). He will stop you in your tracks when you steer off on the wrong path. It’s just that we have to be clear to receive His Guidance and instructions. The second best accountability partner is yourself. We have to learn to hold ourselves accountable. Oftentimes, we want to hold everyone around us to a standard, but do we hold ourselves up to the same or even better because after all we are the ones living our own lives.

So this year hold yourself accountable, if you choose to work on your vision board, remember:

If it’s not in your vision, don’t allow yes to be a part of your decision.

Don’t make impromptu decisions. Learn how to say no. More importantly, learn how to say no without an explanation.

So in 2018, instead of making a list of what I plan to do, I’m focused on ensuring that the priority is taking care of me. When you take care of self, your health and wellness will increase and you’ll be ready to give to others.

Title 2018

Every year deserves a title. I title my year based on the previous year and what I know is coming. Last year was the year of fruition. I planted a lot of seeds for self and gave birth to some, but mostly for others. This year the seeds that I planted for myself will be manifested, but in order to make that happen, I have to be firmly rooted. Can you guess what the title of this year is?

When thinking about your title, reflect on what 2018 equals.



1+1= 2

2 = you define what “2” means for you

Who has approval over your life?

This year don’t wait for the approval of others. Don’t ask for the thoughts of others, unless it’s sincerely someone you trust. However, I encourage that you don’t allow the total of number you trust while you’re in the womb to exceed more than three people. You already have 1) Allah, (God), 2) you, 3) husband/wife, so why would you want the thought of more than this group of people who are in your corner to affect your actions?

Stop asking the blind to proofread your vision.

For me, 2018 is the year of Grounding. I will be firmly grounded in Allah (God), The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under The Guidance of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I will be firmly grounded in self, so that I can receive and fulfill all of what Allah (God) has for me. This will allow me to give to others, as I desire in a controlled way. What will you be grounded in and what is the title that you have for 2018?

Self-care may sound simple, but sometimes we make more time for others more than ourselves. Remember to take care of you first. It’s not a simple task. In fact, it’s one of the most important duties.

I began with “peaceful new year” because you don’t know how a person left 2017. I know I’m not the only one who experienced trial and error, but I know there are folks who haven’t properly healed yet. Therefore, the word “peaceful” may uplift someone, while the word “happy” may remind someone of their condition that they’re not necessarily “happy” with. May we reflect on previous years for great success and receive all of the blessings Allah (God) has for us.

It is not just a new year. We must acknowledge one of our brothers on this day. Click here to remember Oscar Grant.

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