Vote for modesty representation for Jetset’s next covered model

Although modesty is not just about what we wear, the world is lacking in promoting covered women and we have a chance to contribute toward the change.

Scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I came across the opportunity to vote for Ruma Begum, a Muslimah Sister, who is working to break barriers in the fashion industry. According to her Q&A in Jetset’s online model search, one of her greatest achievements  is working on a social media campaign for H&M. Today, she is currently in second place of group one’s semi-finals. We have approximately 37 hours to put her in first place (by the time you’re reading this it may be less). The first place winner will advance to the final five models on Wednesday, July 26 at 10 PM PDT / Thursday, July 27 at 12 AM CST.

Time is ticking! Participate daily by voting today and tomorrow. If you decide to contribute towards the positive vote, you have the opportunity to get two votes per dollar every 12 hours. Every dollar benefits the Be Positive Foundation and you’re increasing the chance to have our Sister be the next Jetset model.

Sister Ruma is very sweet and down to earth. She’s focused on winning Jetset Magazine for a bigger purpose, which is a desired modest 

representation of women. She’s running against half naked and honestly even naked girls, and she wants to show a Black Muslimah can break barriers and win this competition by having self-respect.

She wants the Muslim community, especially women and girls to fight for their dreams and know that they can do anything they want, while still being pleasing to Allah.

Sister Neelam Hakeem

Lets see a virtuous woman refine fashion in a pure way.

Let us know what you think — Share any feedback or questions.

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