Is laundry infinite or finite? A learned lesson by K Love while washing clothes.

If you pay attention, you can further learn yourself in the smallest instances.

I did laundry last night. After putting my last load in the dryer, I closed the door and loaded the quarters, $1.50/6quarters right? So after putting in my 5th one, it stopped registering my quarters. I put 1 more in to see if it would change. Nope. I said well maybe it tweaked for a sec, let me add another one. NOPE. I waited a few minutes and said ok maybe now it has reset itself and I added yet another one. Nooooooope. I added 5 extra quarters to a machine that showed me that it wasn’t working a whole 6 quarters ago.

Were there other machines there? Absolutely, for whatever reason I had faith in that one. Probably because my clothes were wet, heavy and already in there. I figured since I had already put $1.25 in and all that was needed was for it to take one more quarter that I obviously couldn’t make it take.

Needless to say the clothes are still not dry and I have to now journey to get more change for a new machine. Can’t wear what I wanted to today, because I wasted time and energy on the broken machine… smh… Convenience will cost you something too…

LESSON: This scenario is indicative of areas in my life. I tend to have faith in things that I know aren’t working properly, rather than investing in something new, I’ll continue to invest in the old for reasons of convenience believing that I’m saving time and energy, when I’m really losing both.

Realization is the first step to change.

MESSAGE: Know what to give up on…

Written by K Love.

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