Reusable Cloth Pad Review & Usage

Tampons never. Pads forevermore.

I’ve tried so many pads and because menses and I have an ongoing relationship, I’ll continue finding what works best for us. As in any relationship, as the commitment deepens, changes need to be made for better alignment in communication. For now, there are two things that work best for us, Cherish and Reusable Cloth Pads. What do you need to ensure you and your yoni are in alignment?

Honestly, I prefer the reusable method. It may sound nasty. In fact, when I first heard about them, I thought they were one of the nastiest inventions. Although, I thought negatively about them, I was still curious to know about the product. The more resourceful I become, I gain a more efficient approach to life and overall make more logical and practical decisions for the long-term.

Are reusable cloth pads unsanitary?

I started thinking to myself why do I think this is nasty? I wear clothes, I clean them, and then re-wear them. I wear undergarments, I clean them, and then re-wear them. And let’s have a very truthful moment: as a young girl and even now as a woman, menses calls for mistakes (I’ll let you fill in the blanks), so what is the problem with a reusable cloth? You wash your body with your towels, clean them, and reuse them. So again, what is the problem? I really started to ask myself. And I came up with nothing. Then, I said, “you can’t knock it until you try it”. And that’s what got me Amazon boxes at my door. Boxes because when I shop on Amazon, I can’t just buy one thing, but back on topic, I go…

After my last conversation with a sister about purchasing cloth diapers for her baby girl (one of the reasons why I had multiple boxes), I finally realized that it was time for me to invest in cloth pads.

How do I manage the reuse process?

When I first got them, I was in awe. I literally touched them (yes! I needed to immediately know what my yoni would experience), then I folded them to see how they could fit into the “wet” bag to understand how to carry them in public. I think it’s important to experiment before you actually begin using them.

  1. I recommend you to wash the pads first because we don’t know who touched them during the packaging process, which is something that can’t be done with disposable pads that you buy in the store or online. We know someone touched them – No matter how chemical free they are. If you’re cleaning them in the washer, I recommend you using liquid laundry detergent because powder may stick, as it tends to do with blankets and similar materials. If you are hand washing, it should be fine because the powder shall not get caught in cracks, as what happens in the machine. Or if you’re hand washing, feel free to use the same soaps you use on your vulva. I do caution the hand wash approach as a complete clean (send questions for specific reasons). Ensure you ring the cloth pads out multiple times, you’ll notice why. This is strongly recommended before placing in the washer.
  2. After washing them, properly store them in your “wet” bag. You want to keep them closed, similar to how you would find packaged pads. Fold and button with the yoni part tucked away. I know laundry is infinite and some days are hard to fold clothes, but don’t leave the cloth pads out in the open. You want to put these away to reduce any exposure, just as you should with your undergarments.
  3. Once you’re wearing them, change as you see fit. I can’t give you a timeframe because you know what works for you, your body, and your cleanliness routines. However, I suggest that the time does not exceed two hours.
  4. If you’re out, put a regular sized sandwich or paper bag in the part of the bag that you plan to hold your wet cloths of the “wet” bag. My bag has two zippers – one for fresh and wet cloths. I decided to carry a sandwich bag or the bag that the cloth pads were originally packaged in (I told you, I’m resourceful) to seal the wet cloths to ensure my menses aren’t being exposed, as much as I could and to avoid any messes. This honestly isn’t a messy process (though I thought it would be).
  5. If/once you’re home, wash wet cloths and store in a proper place. I clean my wet cloths in the shower with cold/warm water and a washable sponge to rinse the menses, as a way to avoid stains, and then let them dry the same way face towels do. When washing, be sure to ring out the pads multiple times. Then, I wash again in the washer machine for an efficient clean with towels, as mentioned later. If you’re uncomfortable with cleaning your cloths in the shower or in the sink, then store them in a container with cold/warm water that can hold as many as possible between usage and laundry time. I don’t recommend the pads to sit in the container for a long period of time. I’ll leave the timeframe up for your judgement. If you decide to go this route, I recommend you washing the container each time you empty it. Again, I wouldn’t go this route (it doesn’t align with being clean to me), but I noticed some cloth users prefer this method.
  6. Wash the pads and reuse. Initially, I washed the pads with towels prior to use. I did so because that was what I needed to clean at the time of delivery. However, after analyzing, I think that makes the most of sense (since they’re similar) and I continue with that process. Or you can wash them along with all of your undergarments together in one load.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6.

If you think of different methods feel free to suggest in the comments or email us here. You may leave a comment anonymously. If you try cloth pads, we want to know what you think. Let us know if you want to share your story.

Why reusable pads are encouraged

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economically smart
  • Love and respect for your yoni

Environmentally friendly

In some cases, I despise recycling. I only have a problem with recycling because most store brought pads are made from recycled plastics or worse. Have you heard of the phrase, “transforming waste into wealth”? Would you consider it to be permissible for someone to go into your recycling bin, make pads out of what you had in this dirty environment, while also adding chemicals, and then selling them to you? You wouldn’t like this? Then why are you still buying trash pads? Reusable cloth pads is environmentally friendly because you’re in control of the environment.

Economically smart

How much do you spend on pads per month? Are you purchasing in bulk? Probably not because there aren’t any good brands that you can stock up on. If you’re still using trash pads, I will share a tip that you can purchase Always in bulk at Sam’s Club, but know they are in no shape or form good for your body.

Love and respect your yoni

I recommend reusable cloth pads because as a woman, you’re going to need pads for as long as you and your menses are in a committed relationship. So why not serve your yoni and pockets (coins) right?

If you love yourself, you will invest in self. Invest in cloth pads and you won’t have to purchase another pad in years, unless you just love having a collection of cloth pads like women love having a line of (under)garments, which by chance they’re really pretty. They even have some cute designs for your girls, yes purchase these for your daughters and save so much money! Better yet, you and your daughter can sew these together.

Last, historically we were using cloth pads. Let’s get back to our roots.

Time for the review 

I love them. They are very comfortable to sleep in (may I mention that was the first time I wore them). They are the softest things ever. Another very truthful moment, I don’t sweat with these. One of the major reasons why I don’t like pads, but tampons were and will never be an option for me.

The wings don’t move. Y’know? Scrape against your thigh (ouch! sometimes this can be a pain). The pad doesn’t twist and turn? Nope. Everything stays in place. No matter how much I move. I can run, dance, participate in martial arts, yoga, you name it, and my cloth pad will still be where I placed it (as long as you’re wearing the proper lady garments, but if you’re not aware, we are happy to specify). And if I place it wrong, I can shift it, button it and go. Unlike “sticky” pads and wings, once you remove them to fix the placement, they’re either bundled up or just like what the heck; it’s time to get a new one.

Shall I go on? I took the time to type this, so you must know how much I love them because I have the desire to share.

I would wear them everyday!

Pantyliners? What? These are my new liners. Cloth pads come as a pantyliner version, as well. There are different sizes to match your comfort and flow.

Which brand do I recommend? 

I order from Teamoy via Amazon for the Prime benefits.

If you order large, you will get a large pad similar to the overnight pads or off-brand large. So they should be long enough for your active duties.

Any other questions?

Well, they may be a little too personal, so just reach out to me. You may contact us here.

Thank you for visiting Documented Journey, until next time.

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