Black Lives Matter: America’s Original Sin

Due to the practice of social distancing, every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday (for Self-Improvement: The Basis for Community Development) The Nation of Islam’s meetings are available for video streaming on On Sunday’s The National Assistant of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Brother Ishmael Muhammad presents the keynote address. This is a shortened transcription of the June 21, 2020 address at Mosque Maryam and here is a visual sign translation.

“Whether we are active or inactive in our child’s lives, let us recommit to being better in raising our children. Let us spend more time with them when possible and let us have those hard and uncomfortable conversations, so they have an understanding of why we do what we do and why we don’t do what we shouldn’t do. Our children and our community needs us.

And if you feel like you don’t know what do to because maybe your father wasn’t there for you depending and submitting on God, He will teach us and help us to cultivate and become better and better, as we continue to strive. Now, when I say depending on God Brothers and Sisters, I’m not referring to the spookiness sense of it.

God out of His love and His mercy always gives to us guidance and He always gives to us a man. And that man teaches us what it means to be a father. He gives us countless lectures of guidance on how to enter into the duty and the responsibility of a father in a proper manner. He teaches us how to choose a good woman and when it is a proper time to even entertain that type of thinking. He teaches us what it means to be a father and how to become a better father and so much more. I have a physical father and he did a phenomenal job in raising me. And I thank Allah for my dad. And even in doing a magnificent job, God is always interested in taking us to another level. My father took me to a great and sufficient level, but God through His Messiah is helping me to go to another level and be even a father figure to those outside of my own flesh and blood. So I thank Allah that out of His Mercy and Love, He has given to all of us a father or an additional father in The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. That man and what he teaches is immeasurable. And what I love about The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is that when he teaches, if we are attentive, we would recognize that it is really root knowledge. Many teachers give us memorization of information. But when it is memorization of information and our memory fails us, then we fail to know what to do in that moment. But a good father gives to his offspring principles and regardless of the situation based on the principle, you can make an intelligent decision on how to proceed. So what kind of man is The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, if God did not just entrust him with fathering his own immediate household, God did not entrust him with just fathering his community, but God has entrusted him with fathering a nation. That speaks to the level of love, the characteristics, the integrity that is all embodied in The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So we just wanted to extend a beautiful Happy Father’s Day to him first and foremost.”

-Brother Daniel X
The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been warning us for over four decades of what we are now witnessing in America and all over the world. And what is it that we are witnessing? We are seeing the breakdown of systems, the failure of governments, the crash of economies, and the collapse of order. This is exactly what The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have warned us of for decades. They have warned us of what the scriptures prophecy of America and the wicked rulers of this world due to their mistreatment of those they govern in particularly the mistreatment of the Black and Aboriginal people. They have given us divine guidance and warning in order that we may escape the fall of this world and the end of this system of things.”

-Brother Abel Muhammad
We that our fathers, we owe a debt of gratitude to our women who made it possible for us to be fathers, making it possible for us to extend our life by producing children. Every father that is a father is a father because of a woman. So we should really honor the woman, our wives, the mothers of our children on this day and everyday. I thank Allah for the mothers of my children.
And today happens to be Father’s Day, the first day of summer, but it is also my birth anniversary, so I want to give a big shoutout to my father, my illustrious father and mother. That acred and blessed womb that brought me into the world, that gave me life. I thank Allah for my mother and my father and I vow on this day to devote the remaining days of my life to their service that I will not forsake The God that they represented to me. I will not abandon the cause of freedom, justice, and equality. I will not abandon and forsake the aspirations of a suffering people for justice and oppressed around the world. This I vow on this day of my birth, so help me God. I did not know as a child that my father would not be made a father of a nation, an everlasting father of a new reality and a new world that is called in the scriptures, the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven. I did not know that my father would be made an eternal leader of The Nation of Islam and not just the father of The Nation of Islam, but a father for the fatherless.

A father is a builder, a father is a founder of something. And Every father should strive to take their children FURTHER than where our life will end. Further down the road, we as fathers have to be builders of something that is long lasting that our children can build upon.

The father shouldn’t concern himself with the present. Shouldn’t concern ourselves with today. A father should be deeply concerned about the future and should do everything in his power to secure that future for his children.

What will we leave to our children and what will our legacy be?

In the Lord’s Prayer, which is so rich, we say: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

See that’s vision, that’s the intangible, the unseen idea and every father should be working on bringing what is unseen into a physical reality. Every father should be revered and honored. But we don’t get the honor by not doing something, by not providing, and making our women and children safe and secure.

So we have to be as father’s about the business of making our neighborhoods, our communities and safe and decent place for our children to grow up in. We have to be about the business of establishing a future for them. We have to be about the business of nation building.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank THMLF for being such a wonderful loving father to me. I did not have the blessing and privilege of growing up with my father and knowing him or to work with him. But for the past 43 years, I have had the wonderful blessing and privilege of working by his side as a son, as servant, as a helper and I am most helpful.

The Minister has been everything to me. EVERYTHING.

I can say it like Paul said of Christ — In him, I move, I act and have my existence. Well, I thought you should reserve that for your father. It is for my father because he is his son and he and his father are one.

I just want to serve The Minister, as he has so faithfully served The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

My prayer is to share his tasks. my prayer is to ease his affair and that I in some small way, and I mean small way because he is so big. But in some small way, I can repay the debt, and I can never repay it no matter how long I live. I can never repay what The Minister has done for me, my family, our nation, our people, and for the whole of humanity.

So Happy Father’s Day Dad, Happy Father’s Day Father, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Before The Honorable Elijah Muhammad left, he said, he can sit in his seat as the father over the house. And the Minister has not abused that great privilege. He has been very careful and sensitive to everyone of his children, not just of the bloodline, but the faith line, not just the faith line, but a whole people that God is working out our salvation.

The whole world can’t breathe. It’s not an accident that this “I can’t breathe” is connected to the coronavirus. The coronavirus and its affect is on the respiratory system, on the lungs, so the world cannot breathe under the rule of satan, but the Good News is God has come to not only resuscitate us, but give us the space meaning freedom that will allow for us to breathe. And every human being should be afforded the right to grow and develop, as that human beings nature gives him or her.

Yea, all lives matter, but there would not be all lives if there was not for Black lives. So Black lives matter because as a matter of fact, it were not for Black life, there will be no brown life, there would be red life, no yellow life, white life. So why should Black lives matter because humanity would not have its existence without Black life.

As air, water, and earth are essential to life. Black life is essential to all life. It’s inseparable.
So the study of physics is the study of energy and its interaction with matter.

So as energy and matter are two sides of the same coin, you don’t know God outside of the human being. You don’t know the Spirit of God, the Word of God, the mind of God, the Will of God, the heart of God, the spirit of God outside of this form.

And that’s why in this COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic, we saw all of the houses of worship empty… because these are buildings, edifices, dwellings made of brick and stone, but that is not the real house of God. Ye are the Bible says, the temples of God, the living temples, and the living stones of God.

And the greatest revelation to come in 66 trillion years of our history on this planet revealed by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is that God is a Man. You cannot make him anything other than a man. And when you talk about spirit there is no such thing as spirit outside of the human being. So energy and matter are two sides of the same coin.

…It all matters because Black life is the material. It is the matter that The God has fashioned into shape. It’s in The Qur’an of God making man. You have it in The Bible out of dust, meaning a particle of matter having no aim and no purpose. The Qur’an talks about man being fashioned into shape out of Black mud.

The Black man is the Mother and father of all human life. And Blacks are the mother and father of civilization. We’ve been here a very very long time and we are going to be here for a very long time. Because as energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed, the Blackman has no beginning. Therefore, he has no end.

That’s why we’re not a race. The Blackman is not on the field of competition with the other races. Races is a contest. Races have a beginning, have a start and an end. But when you talk about the original people of our planet, the native people of our planet, they are not a race.
He’s speaking on science, but I wanted to lift that up where Black lives are concerned. The world is aware now of our suffering, yet they may have never interacted with Black life in America. They understand that our cry for justice and our plight is very important, but not understand why it’s so significant, so I want to help us today with the help of Allah and His Messiah that all who are listening can understand why Black lives matter.

So many people around the world understand why Black lives matter, but not yet fully understand why Black lives are so significant. But you have been acquainted with Black life in America throughout the decades because we have produced great thinkers, great scholars, great inventors, great scientists, but you don’t know our contribution to America and contribution to the advancement of civilization. You know us from the field of entertainers… You’ve seen our God gifted talent displayed… in all sports… Black lives have come to the top of all of those fields, but we are more than entertainers. We have brilliant minds. We are thinkers, we are writers, we are educators, and from Black America has come from the voice of God.
God made from one blood every Nation of men. So The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said to us:
How did you start? You started from sperm mixed with ovum. And when the sperm connected with the ovum, it produced the first cell of life. And from that one cell, now you are billions and billions of cells in this one body, but you started from one. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad from the Master Teacher among us said that:
America has never atoned for her original sin, her first sin.
America’s sin is not only a crime against the Blacks that she brought from Africa into America and the Western Hemisphere, but that sin and that act is a crime against humanity. And this is why The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that there would not be any peace among any nation until the problem of the Blackman is solved in America.

If the problem of justice is not addressed and solved for Black people, the world is doomed.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
America you have never atoned for your sins and this is what is leading you into the abyss of hell. The only way that America can save herself and really become great—not great again become great—in the eyes of God is by righting the wrong done to Blacks that helped you to build this nation that you could be the wealthiest and most powerful nation on the planet.
But you have not acknowledged your wrong. You have not confessed, you have not repented. So without the acknowledgement of wrong that has been pointed out to you by a faithful servant of God, you neither have acknowledged your wrong nor have you confessed or repented. Therefore, you can’t give reparations and amends to a people without the first four steps. Because the first four steps of atonement lays the foundation for you to do the right thing for the injury that you have caused. Then, we have forgiveness, then we can have reconciliation, restoration, and perfect union with God.
An insult to Black lives after we suffered to help you become strong. And you swallowed us up in this country and your constitution and called us 3/5 of a human being. Then, you call this amendment as a correction for wrong, but it reveals your attitude and your mind towards Black. Because when you can put a clause or a provision that starts with “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude except as a punishment for crime” so you put in the amendment a provision, a loop hole that others could take advantage of. So from that amendment and after the emancipation proclamation and during the reconstruction period of Blacks in America when we tried to do something for ourselves. Then you criminalized us. So our issue is not with the confederate flag and the confederate statues. We caught hell on both sides under both flags.
The architects in my humble opinion of the 13th Amendment, they were fully aware of this provision that would be taken advantage of after the civil war. They knew it and they took advantage…

It is during this period that Blacks suffered great pain, great losses, and the mass
incarceration of Blacks began. So you had to find a way to rebuild the south, so in criminalizing Blacks was the tool you could use to incarcerate Blacks and put them back on the fields to build your economy on the south. Your 13th amendment is hypocrisy. Straight up hypocrisy.

Sister Ava Duvernay, she directed and produced one heck of a documentary on the 13th Amendment and chronicles what Blacks have suffered. You should see it on Netflix, even though they banned our Minister, but this is a very important document. But it highlights the mass incarceration.
It was that ugly portrayal of the Blackman that led to the successful Million Man March because THMLF, as they were planning during that time, he wanted to give the world a vastly different picture of the Blackman in America.

It’s a perfect insult to the countries first Black President and President Barack Obama to call President Clinton the first Black President. What did he do? Under his administration more Blacks were incarcerated. His wife as a senator in New York called us super predators. They were portraying us in such a way to justify their abuse and justify in those days and even to this day the slaughter of our people, but Farrakhan was on the scene. Farrakhan was crisscrossing the country, with stopped the killing rallies. Farrakhan had men only meetings. And that Million Man March stayed the hand of what the enemy really had in his mind.

I’m going over the history to show what Black lives have always mattered to the enemy. And Black lives now have to matter with Black life. And when Black life matters with us, then it will truly be mattered with everybody else and the sincere people around this globe that want to aid and support the Blackman’s rise.

America does not want to apologize for its evil because it puts you at the table to make amends for your evil of 465 years.
The pacifier affect is when the enemy gives you something that’s more symbol than substance…

You give a pacifier to the child to comfort it, to make it stop crying, but the pacifier does not have the substance in it to satisfy the hunger pains of the child.

The enemy puts pacifiers—voting rights act, public accommodations act, he puts pacifiers, he even lets you vote… What happens, see when a child is restless, but the child is hungry. You can put that pacifier in the baby’s mouth… and then it may dose off, but because of the hunger the child wakes up… after so many times of putting that pacify in that baby’s mouth the baby does this (spits it out). And really gets angry, then you see the red in the face of the child… because they pacifier does not have the substance to satisfy the hunger of the child. Nor can a pacifier and pacifist for white supremacy satisfy the hunger and the thirst in our people for justice.
The only source that promises the enslaved and the oppressed substance is God Himself. Black lives matter with God. He saw the transfer of human beings from Africa into America long before we were kidnapped and taken from Africa. And he said to His servant Abraham in the Book of Genesis (15:13): Know Abraham of a surety that your seed, your offspring will be a stranger in a land not of their own. They will be strangers to another. They will be slaves for 400 years, but after that time oh it’s music to the ear. I will come. I God, I’m going to come out of my hiding place. I will hear my cry by reason of your task master and I’m going to come down myself…

See God is going to judge that nation, which His people have faithfully served. Then the scriptures says, after that they should come out with great subsistence. See only God can satisfy the hunger and the thirst of a people who cry for justice. The same enemy that mistreats you, that has denied us justice cannot satisfy our hunger.
This cornerstone is talking about a man, but a man that God has fashioned out of the material of a people that have been tried and tested.
This modern America that is the modern Egypt, the modern Rome, and the modern Babylon.
The feet was ironed mixed with clay. That’s talking about a mixed people, a people that come from iron. And the native people of the planet.
See mankind has its origin from its father that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us [about Yakub], who at the age of six was playing with two pieces of steel and from his playing with two pieces of steel sparked the idea of making a people unalike to rule over the native people of our planet. And ever since the European has come into existence, you see that they have an affinity to steel and iron. And you they have ruled with iron, ruled with steel. So you have a great multitude now. The people of iron that are mixing with the people of clay. So you have interracial marriages going on. And you see out in the streets white and black, brown and yellow and red. See? But this stone struck the feet. And in striking the feet of this statue, the statue came down. Huh? Because the feet were brittle because it was mixed with iron and clay. But the rock that knocked the statue down became a great mountain that covered the great Earth.

What we are witnessing around the world is as Jesus said, it is the birth pains. An old world going out and a new world coming in. Something is on the horizon, but before the sunrises in the morning, the darkest hour is before sunrise.
Next week, if it be The Will of Allah, I want to talk you Minister Farrakhan, the man and his divinity, and his mission.

Coronavirus Reminder

Don’t get too relaxed. The scourge or the indignity has not passed and the second wave the scientists are predicting is going to be worse than the first. So Brothers and Sisters, please take precaution. We are not out of this and there is more that is going to come, but not just the coronavirus, but there are other things that are on the horizon, but I’ll leave that to my teacher.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will speak on July 4, 2020, Insha’Allah (God Willing).

Insha’Allah if it be the will of Allah on July 4th, we will hear from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

He represents The Mercy of God to a wicked world, He represents God’s last plea and final warning before He punishes. I thank Allah for The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

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