Office Hug Time

If one of your coworkers walked up to you asking for a hug, would you accept and return the “love”?

Today a coworker went to every person saying,

“It’s hug time. May I hug you?”

When I noticed the hugging coworker across from me hugging another coworker, I’m thinking, ‘I didn’t know they were close’. It turns out this coworker was embracing everyone. She came to me next and I couldn’t help, but watch her go to person after person. The reactions were priceless and there were folks waiting for a hug. This was an office moment that should have been recorded.

I didn’t actually see the hugging coworker hug a man, so I was wondering what if we as women would hug one another more? What if men would hug one another more? Not just at our places of worship, but what if we walked in the office embracing one another? I think we should incorporate this.

It felt beautiful, it created new energy in the office space, and it built a bit of affinity between the hugging coworker and I. Now I want to go around letting everyone know “It’s hug time. May I hug you?”

Now hug yourself.

Let us know what you think — Share any feedback or questions.

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