Peaceful New Year!

Welcome to 2017. I am so excited and thankful to have another opportunity to grow into the person God intends for me to be. That’s what I think of throughout the year: ‘how can I be better? How can I progress versus just displaying potential?

Not better in the sense of, “it’s a new year, new me & I’m on my new ish!” I’m not discouraging anyone from saying this, I just think it’s burned out. 

Yes, it’s correct when I say I’m not going to be the same person as I was in 2016. I’m not even the same person as I was yesterday or any other day. Thanks to Allah for making all things new. However, this can only be true when you put the work in before the actual deadline. If you waited until today to start your list of trillions of resolutions, lets just be realistic and admit that all of them most likely won’t be accomplished. This is NOT me being negative. This is honesty. Some of us procrastinate up until the day before the big event. Please help me understand the logic in this? Okay, I’m sometimes this person, but it’s not fair to you. You should give yourself the best. The best can’t happen without proper care and proper care deserves preparation & time.

During Q4 of 2016, I planned my life for 2017. I literally saw and am seeing a glimpse of what this year has in store for me. Not just the visuals, but what it actually feels like. With every mistake I made, I planted a seed of change in my garden (my mind). 

Painting credits: Maleeka Holden, @leekdaruler on Instagram
Painting credits: Maleeka Holden, @leekdaruler on Instagram

Now, every seed that I’ve planted will be manifested because I am properly going to continue to nurture the seeds that I’ve planted.

I’ve already begun to apply the many lessons I’ve learned, but the ground work started last year so that I can manifest my short, but fulfilling list of change and goals. This doesn’t mean I’m “claiming” to leave everything behind. I know I’m going to make more mistakes. However, now I can see my destiny a little more clearer than I could before.

I believe pain can be used for a greater good. My pain allowed me to relearn what’s in my heart.

This is why I began with “peaceful new year” because you don’t know how a person left 2016. I know I’m not the only one who experienced trial and error, but I know there are folks who haven’t properly healed yet. Therefore, the word “peaceful” may uplift someone, while the word “happy” may remind someone of their condition that they’re not necessarily “happy” with.

In the near future, I’ll share my journey of healing with hopes that they serve as tips that you can implement or share with a loved one. If you have any submissions or want to be a featured writer to help others on their journey, please feel free to visit our Share Your Story page.

Thank you for reading my first blog post. It is not just a new year. We must acknowledge one of our brothers on this day. Please click here for the next post.

3 thoughts on “Peaceful New Year!

  1. In response to the part that stated that someone may not accomplish all of there goals if they had waited until after the new year to make them , I think that if they were to actually apply themselves and work hard, then they could accomplish them.

  2. Great message!!!
    I have prepared my goals for 2017. But I did not realize that I needed to upgrade my vision board that was outdated. I am so grateful to Allah who gives us Sight/Vision. It is His Vision for my life that I am being blessed to see. I am looking forward to the new challenges and mistakes. Yes even the mistakes we make are worth it they allow us to grow into that which our heart desires and that which Allah has for us. Great Blog. Thank you for sharing

  3. Thank you Sisters for taking the time out to read my first blog post. I hope the both of you accomplish all of your goals for 2017 and beyond!

    @Queen T: I completely agree, that’s why I said “all of them most likely won’t be accomplished”. I have faith in those who put the work in. We all must do more than strive.

    @Sister Lorez: Praise be to Allah! Vision boards are so important. Visual aids help manifest the seeds you’ve planted. I am definitely looking forward to the challenges and mistakes, as well. I know they will serve me well. Struggle is ordained and trials purify. Thank you for reading!

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