Personal Testimonies of Reversing Homosexual Lifestyles

There’s a homosexual agenda, where LGBT+ is appearing as fair seeming. However, after experiencing same sex relationships, some come into an understanding that this lifestyle is not natural and that it was putting them in a condition of hell.

Documented Journey will share testimonies to show homosexuality is a choice and not God’s purpose for you. Although Documented is not homophobia or transphobia, we are not judging anyone’s lifestyle, we just do not support LGBT+. In addition, every person’s story that is shared does not mean we have the same spiritual beliefs. We just want the truth to be known. Homosexuals are looking for something they hope to find in the same sex, but the truth is their desires never go met.

The big question is: what causes homosexual relationships? There are themes in the stories that we will unpack.

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Resist The Homosexual Agenda.

Watch Resist, Rebel, Reclaim where Brother Marcellus X exposes the homosexual agenda.

“It’s not the new Black. Homosexuality is new to Blacks.”

– Brother Marcellus X

Watch Darrion Skinner’s story.

Darrion was molested by multiple members of his family. The first instance was at the age of six when a cousin helped him utilize the restroom. One sodomising act turned into serval more encounters that became a lifestyle of his. Today, he is no longer living a homosexual lifestyle. Learn more here.


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