Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand

Due to the practice of social distancing, every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday (for Self-Improvement: The Basis for Community Development) The Nation of Islam’s meetings are available for video streaming on NOI.org/webcast. On Sunday’s The National Assistant of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Brother Ishmael Muhammad presents the keynote address. This is a shortened transcription of the June 14, 2020 address at Mosque Maryam and here is a visual sign translation.

In the opening, Brother Daniel X poses a question:

Why are so many people commenting about how they are inspired, energized, and motivated, but we’re looking at a climate that is so dark and chaotic of times? The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us that the highest form of electricity or energy is found in the revelation of God.

Life is in understanding The Word of God. Power is in understanding The Word of God. One can be used as an instrument of revelation and revelation contains the highest form of electrical energy. You are an electrical being. All of this (human body) functions because of electricity. You can be physically alive because there is electrical current in your body, but you are not really alive until you are alive on the mental and spiritual plane.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Lecture: The Most Precious of All Knowledge: The Knowledge of God Himself

Brother Daniel continues answering the question by saying, “The reason why so many are tuning into these Sunday broadcasts and feeling spiritually lifted and inspired, even in such chaotic and trying times is that The Word of God contains within it three ingredients: life, light, and power. And this is why the scriptures say, in the book of John 1:1, in the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God.

“So in the beginning, we as Muslims, followers of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan heard a word from them and in hearing that word it gave to us a different perspective and provided us with the knowledge of who we really are in our ultimate destiny. That word stimulated us and inspired us to change our behavior and it put us on a course to become the best version of ourselves… It made us to take responsibility to provide for our families and to properly father and mother our children. It made us fall in love with ourselves, and ultimately it made us fall in love with our people and it helped us to throw off the mindset of self-hatred and white supremacy.”

Brother Daniel reminds us why it is critical that we are careful with what we say, “This is why The Word is so important and when you begin to see the power that comes as a result of a word, it places a heavier responsibility on the speaker of a word to be cautious of what they say and how they say it.”

You can educate our people away from the enemy with just one rap. One rap is worth a hundred sermons.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Brother Daniel continues, “This past week, we heard many of our artists, as a response to George Floyd and the protests begin to change the narrative and to alter the music lyrics a little bit. So I wanted to give a special recognition to our brother Tee Grizzley out of Detroit, he is an artist, and he made a beautiful song called ‘Mr. Officer’. In this song, he says, “they put that badge on and feel like they’re better than us, right now it seeming like they job is to make it tragic for us, crazy part about it, it only happens to us. They brought us here against our will now they ain’t happy with us. That’s crazy.” The whole song is filled with wisdom and you can feel our brother’s spirit in the heart felt bars that he shared. We thank you Brother Tee Grizzley for using your platform to be a voice for the voiceless.”

“I went a little further and I came across another song by our Brother Trey Songz entitled ‘2020 Riots: How Many Times’. He said, “Take a look around. Can you see it now. Don’t be color blind cause when they’re killing mine, they’ll try to justify oh each and every time. Playing in the park, taking you a jog, sitting on the couch, in your own house. Never seems to matter what we do. You don’t think we matter, but we do.” Another example of powerful words from Brother Trey Songz and in the melody, you can hear the emotion and the heart that he had in the words, which lets me know that it’s not just convenient for him to do it, but he’s actually feeling the pain of our Brother George Floyd and the countless incidences of police brutality across The Nation.”

Our keynote speaker this morning, Minister Ishmael Muhammad is a student of this word. His teacher, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has taught him how to go in and out of the word with skill and precision, and how to make the revelation of God so plain that even a child can understand it. Each week we see him performing spiritual surgery, as he cuts out the cancerous parts of our erroneous thinking and replaces it with knowledge wisdom and understanding. And as I watch him speak each week, I can see our teacher, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan all up in him and only a hater will say otherwise. Please help me brothers and sisters to receive The National Assistant to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad. As-Salaam Alaikum!

Brother Daniel X
Brother Ishmael Muhammad
“In this pandemic, we have suffered the loss of black men and women at the hands of police.” -Brother Ishmael Muhammad
This is from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Justice or Else 2015 keynote address, (the 20th anniversary of The Million Man March).

We have protested, we have marched, but still no justice. After centuries of giving our sweat and tears, our physical bodies and the greatness of our ingenuity, the greatness of our creativity, the greatness of our thinking minds. we’ve given our lives and we have died to make America the greatest nation on our planet. Yet, we are still not freed, not justified, and made equal in this nation that we have faithfully served. Every gain and improvement to the quality of life in Black America has come at a price. We’ve had to beg, kneel, scratch, crawl, sit in and march for every accommodation to make us live among our oppressor. Black people have suffered every imaginable and unimaginable indignity just to earn some degree of respect in this society only to remain rejected, despised, and denied.

“There’s a balm in America and there is one raised by God to offer a healing to not only our wound as a people, but the self-afflicted wounds of the oppressor. God has raised among us, as a guide with the guidance, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. At some point, my dear and beloved brothers and sisters, we can’t continue to suffer every generation that seeks justice just to receive another accommodation from the oppressor who strings us along, but never really has the intention to make us equals. As our powerful Sister, which we played last Sunday, Kimberly Jones, said in her video post, “we’ve gone around the Monopoly board and played 400 rounds and 50 more added to it, but the fact of the matter is the board was not setup by us and it wasn’t setup for us to play on. So every time we go down the block on the Monopoly board, even though we meet all the requirements and qualifications to be on the board, to buy property, to purchase land, to do things, yet the forces find a way to move us off the block. And so many of us are incarcerated and we go straight to jail and wait long terms, even for our case to be heard by judges. So many innocent our languishing in the penal institutions.”

“We’ve suffered a lot. We have suffered much, but remember they had to amend the constitution with the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to accommodate the presence of us as slaves, which shows that the constitution when it was written they never had us in mind. So you have all these conditions attached to our so-called freedom. And when you have conditions on liberty, it means that you are not really free. And there is a difference between emancipation or being librerated and true and real freedom. Because if we had true and real freedom—Real freedom affords to you the rights to think for yourself, it affords to you the rights to speak and do as you feel or deem necessary for the preservation, peace, safety, and security of your own people without any outside interference or control. So with the help of Allah, I want to try and help us to understand from The Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the root of the problem where Black lives in America is concerned.”

“The Black Lives Matter, it’s got to stay there because if the problem of justice is not solved with the Blackman in America—As The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, “There will not be any peace for any nation on our planet, until the problem of the Blackman in America is solved.”

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his last speech before he was assassinated said, “It is justice and if justice does not come to Black people in America, the world is doomed.”

“How significant are 40-50 million Black people in America to the world and how valuable are Black people in America that God would choose them to be His people. It is written that God would choose a foolish people. It is written that God in the last days of satan’s world, would choose a people who are considered no people at all. He would choose the despised and the rejected. The stone that the builders have rejected, God intends to make the stone that the builders have rejected the headstone and the cornerstone of a brand new world. God is focusing the world’s attention on our struggle in America, so the discussion of race has come up. And it is a subject that is being debated, but the root of the problem is not being uncovered. Or I should say in some circles, it’s barely being uncovered. Because we have to face the reality that we are dealing with a mindset, an attitude of the oppressor that laws don’t change.

To simplify it we’ve got to look at the mindset and attitude at those who deny us justice.

“There is talk about police reform and prohibiting the use of keeling as a force, but I remind you of what Minister Farrakhan said.”

“I know you say that they amended that (3/5 of a human being). We’ll come to that.”

“Freedom doesn’t come from the constitution it comes as your birthright. There is no power in the heaven or the air.”

In this word deMANd, there always is a man that makes that demand or champions the cause of justice for the people who are making a demand and a cry for justice. Now, my dear brothers and sisters, no people on this planet have ever won their freedom without a man to lean them to secure the freedom that they desire. There always has to be a man that is able to speak to the people, guide the people, direct the people, lead the people. And it always is a man with tremendous courage and his courage takes the fear out of the people. But the man is able to guide the unrest, guide the dissatisfaction and anger that’s in the people wisely. So you have a man and that’s critical because history has shown that out of injustice a man is always produced. And what that man brings is an idea. Bare with me. We’ve gotta answer the question, as where making the demand for justice. That’s right, but what is the idea that undergirds our desire for justice because if the right idea is not present and presented, then we will just go right back to sleep and we will continue to live out the nightmare of injustice settling for concessions and accommodations that do not bring about the healing.
Most Black people, most of us think we are citizens and we are trying so hard to be a citizen and exercise rights by the definition of a citizen. So if you study the language of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments of the United States Constitution—Why did they have to amend the constitution? An amendment is the acknowledgement of wrong. It is the attempt to correct something that is inherently wrong. But here is the problem with these amendments, they don’t fully acknowledge us as citizens. Think about this.
In other words, if you are dually convicted and there are so many of us that have been dually convicted. What they are saying is that you are returned to your former state. That’s punishment and not fully acknowledging that we are citizens.

“Why did the 14th Amendment come into existence? It is because after the 13th Amendment was passed the South and other states began enacting what are called the Black Codes, which were efforts to re-enslave Blacks. The Black Codes existed in the South, as well as The North.”

“They’ve been on the law books now since 1865-1870 and we are now still unprotected in America because these laws were put in place that are subjected to come under review. So in 2013, they wanted to gut a very important provision in the 15th and 14th amendment. So why should we always come under review? Why if we are citizens are we treated in this way? It is because they never established us as citizens. This may be painful and a painful truth to many of us, but if we do not deal with the root of the race problem, and at the root as to why there has been a failing to give blacks justice, then there won’t be real change. We will not produce the change that we desire and the change that I believe others outside of our community that we see on the streets… that they sincerely desire for justice to come to the Black man. It’s very important that you understand that you are only a citizen in name, but not in fact.”

“When our brother went into court and filed the lawsuit claiming that his journey to free soil had made him free, after nearly eleven years his lawsuit went all the way to the Supreme Court of The United States. Listen to the decision made by The Supreme Court and Chief among the decision and ruling was the Justice Rodger B Tanning, who wrote in the decision. Listen to these words: “The only matter and issue before the court therefore, is whether the descendants of such slaves when they should be emancipated or who are born of parents who had become free before their birth are citizens of a state in the sense in which the word ‘citizen’ is used in The Constitution of The United States of America.” He goes on to say, “and this being the only matter in dispute on the pleadings. The court must be understood in speaking on this opinion of that class only, that is of those persons persons who are the descendants of Africans, who were imported into this country and sold as slaves.” Think about this. He said, “The plaintiff having admitted that his ancestors were imported from Africa and sold as slaves, he’s not a citizen of the state of Missouri, according to The Constitution of The United States. And therefore was not entitled to sue in that character in the circuit court. The Constitution of The United States (judge Tanning said) recognizes slaves as property and pledges the federal government to protect it. And Congress cannot exercise anymore authority over property of that description that it may constitutionally exercise over property of any other kind.”

“I’m giving this to you because they determined that we the people of The United States and citizens are synonymous terms and mean the same thing. So when they wrote, We The People, they didn’t mean WE, Whites, Blacks, Brown, Red. We The People exclusively refers to the immigrant European that came to this land and setup this nation and country on the backs of the Native American, the Blackman and the Brown.”

What is missing in our demand? It is the power of our unity. Unity will secure everything that we need. It has been the denial objective of The United States government.”
“They want to keep us in a weakened state and a weakened position, so that they can continue to subjugate us and bring us under their control and their influence by the end fighting and bickering that takes place within our own community.”

See deMANd—They know that it will always take a man to force the demand. So the wicked have always looked for throughout history, the rise of one that’s born out of the cry for justice and born as a response to the injustice practiced upon them. So during the time of Jesus, Harod was looking for the birth of one. During the time of Moses, Pharoah was looking for a leader to be born from the slaves. Is it ironic, is it an accident that the powerful, United States of America has also like Egypt before like Babylon before looked for the birth of a man that would deliver the oppressed. Well, they missed with Moses, they missed with Jesus, they missed with Elijah Muhammad, they missed with Louis Farrakhan.
We don’t know nothing about race hatred because every follower of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a respecter of other human beings. We don’t hate a human being because of their color. You will find us to be some of the most law abiding citizens in the country. We have followed all of the protocols under this COVID pandemic. We are obedient to those in authority over us…you are the haters; we are not the haters.
Fall of America (FOA)
Fall of America (FOA)

Power will concede with the demand that we make that’s backed by the power of unity, the power of God, the power of the idea of nation.

Brother Ishmael Muhammad

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will speak on July 4, 2020, Insha’Allah (God Willing).

Allah willing you will hear the representative of that son of man of the scriptures, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan God Willing on the fourth of July. We eagerly anticipate to hear from our beloved Minister and what God puts on his heart, which will be his first public address during this whole pandemic.

Brother Ishmael Muhammad

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