A child’s pull to Akhirah’s Praline

As Linzetta (Liz) and her two-year-young son, RJ, were heading home, an aroma of caramelized sugar took over him. He began pulling her towards the opposite direction of home, so they could find out what the delicious smell was. Liz heard the voice of the owner, Brother Arron Muhammad say, “he knows what he wants”. So Liz gave in and they walked into Akhirah’s Praline.

Upon walking in, Brother Arron offered a cookie to RJ, while Liz is reading the menu. “Praline!”, she thinks to herself. Shortly after Liz offered to buy praline. He insisted that she did not need to purchase anything because he’d given a cookie, but Liz wanted to support and continued inquiring about the praline because she had a genuine interest and intentions of stopping by the coffee house upon it’s opening.

Brother Arron mentioned beignet being added to the menu soon, so Liz and RJ plan to visit Akhirah’s Praline again. “Beignets, I can not wait”, says Liz with excitement. They enjoyed their visit and I think he has another family of customers.

When your child pulls you to a Black owned restaurant, follow his tug and indulge!

How did I find about this?

Liz and I work together and were discussing her adventures of yesterday. She takes out the wrapper and I say, “is that Ahkirah’s? No.” She proceeds with yes!

“He was polite… mmm, this is good!”, she says as we’re talking. She offered me some praline and I wanted to accept, but I am currently fasting from sweets. So maybe in the future, Liz, RJ, and I can take a visit together to celebrate the completion of no sweets.

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