Ramadan: A Sign of Life. Not Death.

My family thinks I’m going to die when I’m fasting. Truth is fasting sustains my life. 

The Holy Month of Ramadan is the 9th month of the lunar calendar in which Muslims are prescribed fasting as an obligation upon those… [whom] can physically fast without causing medical difficulty. Observers of Ramadan are to refrain from the consumption of food, drink and the urge of sexual desires with their husbands or wives during the daylight hours. The Ramadan Fast also requires one to guard oneself from immoral conduct to break bad habits, remove the blemishes of sin, character flaws, and purify our hearts, minds and actions. (received the explanation from the editor’s note of ‘The Fast Of Ramadan’: A Prescription For Healing And Guarding Against Evil article on thefinalcall.com)

Ramadan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadan)!

I hope and pray you’re enjoying your Ramadan thus far and that you’re experiencing success. If you’re not practicing Ramadan, however you’re interested in learning about Ramadan, this post is still for you.

I’m not Muslim, may I still fast?

You don’t need permission to take care of your body. Heal Self! You can do it, whether you refer to yourself as Muslim or not.

Do you believe you can be strengthened?

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

A lot of us quote this scripture. However, when it actually comes down to abstaining from food, I oftentimes hear, I need food. You don’t say! I need food too. We need spiritual food more. What good is it to have food for the body when our mind, spirit, and physical bodies are bent out of shape? I can hear a dear Sister’s voice in my head as I type this post saying: “Did you bless your temple?” Ask yourself that: Are you blessing your temple? Ask it in present tense, “am I blessing my temple?” Don’t worry, I won’t follow up with you (this time). You have a duty to take care of your body. If you believe in this verse from The Bible, then why are you allowing your stomach to take over your mind, your will, your control? You control your body, right? You should be telling the body what to do! Not the other way around.

We claim to need everything, so why is it that when we’re talking about taking care of self there are many people who don’t see the need for health and wellness? Do we not NEED healing? How can anything else matter if we’re not healthy? Health is wealth.

If your stomach and food has that much control over you, it may be safe to say that you are setting up a god besides Allah.

Remember in that same Bible, Jesus fasted for 40 days, Ramadan is only for 30.

Matthew 4:2

After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.

“You really believe that (Philippians 4:13) then what are you backing out of struggle for? You want difficulty because when you get a difficulty and when you face it with God, you overcome it and you become a better person as a result. Now, how are you gonna do that without strengthening your will then to challenge what is natural in you? My body and your body needs water. We need food Brother *laughs*. God knows we need food.”

– The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Great Fast of Ramadan; For The Strengthening of The Will

Why do we fast?

“In our reading of the [third juz’ (part)] of The Qur’an, we will come to a verse that reads: “O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may guard against evil (Surah 2:183). This is why we fast! This is why we abstain from the necessary and vital things of life, food and water, and that which procreates life, during the daylight hours: If we can make it one day to not drink water, not eat food, which is so natural, so necessary to life, surely we then can guard against the evil of lying, stealing, slander, backbiting, fornication, adultery, fighting, arguing and killing one another. The evils that fasting causes us to guard against are what the whole world is experiencing right now! Surely man is in loss… But during this Holy Month, let us strive to fulfill what The Fast is designed for: It’s a prescription from The Lord of the worlds to guard us against the doing of evil.” 

– The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, ‘The Fast Of Ramadan’: A Prescription For Healing And Guarding Against Evil

When you are abstaining from food, if you are submitting to the fast, you become more mindful of self. There’s a difference between abstaining from food and submitting to the process of the fast. Huh? Seems like the same thing Destiny. *sighs* bare with me *smile*

I can abstain from food, however what am I doing while I’m not eating is the question. If I’m only watching TV and still listening to garbage, then I have not fed myself spiritually, which means the fast is only done in vain. When you submit to the process of fasting, you’re paying attention to your body, mind, and thoughts. There are two houses up top in what shall be your heaven (the mind is different from the brain). Feed them properly. You have to think of your entire body as one that is being fed. If you are fasting from food, but once you break, you begin to feed yourself junk, ask yourself, say self “what was the purpose”?

If you are sitting at the table waiting for the sun to set, then you are not being productive and it takes away from the learning of the fast. Although you may get hungry or thirsty, it is important for you to occupy your mind. Bring out the self-improvement tools that will aid the living brain.

Why do I fast?

This is my fourth Ramadan, as I reflect on what my different experiences have been, I’ve noticed each year I feel more alive. I become more at peace with self. In this peace, it allows me to grow closer to Allah, which is what Ramadan is all about.

“This fast is for Allah, but it is His gift to me, personally, that I may develop the will to guard against evil.” 

– The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, ‘Set Your Mind And Set Your Will For The Great Fast Of Ramadan’

Yes! The fast is for Allah, but it is indeed His gift to us. When submitting to the fast, we are (re)learning how to eat to live. We are no longer living to eat. Eating to live sustains our life. It allows us to digest our food properly. It allows toxins to be removed. When we are not focused on food throughout the day, we actually have more time for Allah. The process allows you to see yourself in the mirror and actually become a better you. You are literally experiencing a rebirth. You’re killing the dead and bringing life to the real you. This is a sign of life.

Although, I have conversations with Allah everyday, the reading of the Holy Qur’an allows me to have a divine conversation with Him. He provides a new understanding of Infinite Divine Revelation.

“A Book of Conversation from a Master to His student! So every Ramadan we have a chance to enter The Classroom of Allah, to read His words that He gave to His servant that have become abook …Today, we have a Book to read. Today, we have a Conversation to try to understand that will bring us into The Circle of Divine. We can say today that God is speaking to us just as He spoke to Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah, peace be upon him.”

– The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, ‘The Fast Of Ramadan’: A Prescription For Healing And Guarding Against Evil

As you go on throughout your Ramadan (because it’s your experience), take note of the 10 days. Access yourself each day and then access yourself within the 10 days. Remember:

  1. The first 10 days are the days of Mercy.
  2. The second 10 days are the days of Forgiveness.
  3. The third 10 days are to seek Refuge in Allah from the Hellfire.

Ask yourself, one more question: Is the food a god or are you a god? You are a god and you can make it through the 30 days!

The Minister gives us an affirmation on the first day of the Holy fast on the Ramadan Prayerline. Click the photo to listen to the playback.

“When you’re breaking the fast, you’re not cheating on someone else. You’re cheating on yourself… Then you’ve missed out on a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your own will and to develop the power to resist. That’s why Black people have not overcome, as of yet because the will to overcome is weak in us.”

– The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Great Fast of Ramadan; For The Strengthening of The Will

So stand strong and be a sign of life!

Let us know what you think — Share any feedback or questions.

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