Sandra Bland: Silence is the new slave.

It’s been two years since we’ve loss our Sister Sandra Bland and I want to ensure we still remember our Sister. I will not forget her because Sandra Bland is me.

When I first heard of Sandra Bland, all I could do was think, “wow! she’s me and I am her”.

She would have been alive if she hadn’t acted so free.

-Jesse Williams, acceptance speech for receiving the Humanitarian Award

That’s a pill I can swallow, while simultaneously my throat chakra gets off balanced.

I can swallow it because I have no problem exercising the right to be me and speak freely. It is my duty to kill off falsehood and speak truthfully. On the other hand, it throws me off balance because I know it worries some of my family. It is not an easy job being a revolutionary, but I am happy to be a part of this work. Not happy in the sense that it’s exciting that we have to do this work. I am happy that God chose me to do His work. I wish my loved ones understood my role (and theirs). If they willingly understood, it would release the tension that I feel in my throat (at times).

“Sandy Speaks” were not videos for everyone and she made that clear, she was speaking to Black Kings and Queens, as she would say.

Who are you encouraging? Who are you speaking to daily? Are you spreading a positive and truthful message?

Sandra Bland still lives in those who are doing God’s work. We should be working the mission of resurrecting the dead by hurling The Truth against falsehood until it knocks out its brains (Holy Qur’an 21:18).

Ask yourself: What have I said/what will I say today? Is it of value? Did/Will I help someone?

Sandra Bland is alive through us, so be free and stand strong.

We need to look at the injustices happening to our Brothers and Sisters and realize they are us. If we can see it from this perspective, maybe that will allow us to understand our role.

Sandra: Is it bitter, sweet or bland?
Being silent is slavery. Don’t be a part of this foolery. Speak out with purpose. Is it bitter, sweet or bland? Listen to Jaz Star’s song below. 

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