Sister Ta-Neesha, Example & Role Model

1888671_10153830231815175_282293801_nOur beloved Sister Ta-Neesha (peace be upon her) was not only a beautiful strong minded sister but was a God fearing woman.

We met through Twitter about 5 years ago and was inseparable since. She’s was so kind, caring, honest, funny, and made sure we talked about The Teachings for at least 30-40 minutes with each conversation we had. She loved The Teachings! She always told me “seek refuge in Allah” whenever I had a problem or needed help dealing with things. I’ll never forget the times we shared on the phone and she would try and use my “Country Alabamian Accent” as she called it. We would laugh in tears.

She was honestly like the big sister I never had and as she would say “soul sisters”. We talked about everything we would conquer in the world when we finally met in-person. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. Sister Ta-Neesha was special to me and I’m sure to others in so many ways. If I had the chance to say one last thing to her I would say:

“Thanks for being an example and role model that you could be as a Black Woman in The Nation. May Allah be pleased. Much Love Beautiful.”

-Sister Alisa Renee

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