Spiritual ringing in the ears

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that you will hear a ring, a bell-like sound, in your ear. He said, that that will be a sign that either he would be trying to get in contact with you or one of the scientists that will be trying to get in touch with you. He further stated that two of us will be walking together, doing normal things, in the mall shopping and he said that that message will come through the ear, through the power of hearing. One will hear it and the other will not; and in that time, the message will be the communication of thought coming from these high-born scientists and you will have to follow the instructions of what that voice is telling you to do.

Mother Tynetta Muhammad, Article: The Power of Prayer

This post is not about tinnitus. This is not the type of ringing in the ears that is damaging to the ears. Ringing in the ear is a spiritual experience (to say the least).

When your ears start ringing, it is important for you to do the following.

1. Close your eyes.

If you asked, “Why do I need to close my eyes?” I would respond with why do you close your eyes during prayer?

Closing your eyes allows for minimum distraction. You want to see with your spiritual first eye (otherwise known as your third eye).

Yes, there will be instances where you may not be able to close your eyes due to the environment. You may receive the message and need to immediately act (hear and obey).

2. Open your hands

Open your hands, as if you are receiving a gift (like we do when making a dua/prayer). If your ear is ringing, Allah (God) is definitely giving you a gift. He is communicating with you and guiding you to the right way. Opening your hands, is a sign that you are openly receiving.

3. Ask, “Yes?”

When I initially posted this on Facebook, I posed the question to Allah (God). However, it is not always The Creator. Yes, it is The Creator through which vessel He chooses. However, it could be a scientist or angel who is communicating with you. Communicate WITH them. Know that they allowed you to pick up on the call for a reason. Now, it is time to tune up, so you can hear the message. Do not get so caught into WHO is communicating with you, but more-so WHAT the message is.

4. Receive.

After you ask, “Yes?” resist from speaking.

You only speak if you need clarification. We receive clarification using certain commands. We may discuss commands at a later time (Insha’Allah/God Willing).

A message is being shared with you. If you were in the middle of listening to the student minister or pastor, you would not try to stop him mid-sentence, you would wait and take note of their words and/or your question(s).

This is the time to listen.

A question was posed to me: Will it be a sound of a voice or our own thoughts? It can be both. There are times when you will hear a voice and there will be other times were it appears (or it may really be your own thoughts), however, it is still a message. I have heard a strong voice before giving me a direct order. Other times, I hear my thoughts, but I know that they are not my own because they are commands guiding my next steps or answering a question posed prior to the ringing.

5. Say, “Thank you!”

First, I am thanking Allah (God) and his messenger.

Second, I am thankful for being chosen to be communicated with and I am thankful that I may be able to do something with the message that I receive.

Third, I am being reminded that I must thank my body (my organs and chakras). My temple does not belong to me. My body is Allah’s (God’s).

Please note, there is much more to be thankful for.

6. Pray

Now, it is time to personally thank Allah (God). When we humbly go to Allah (God) in prayer, He may give us more information to better understand the message that we just received. If you do not receive anything else, still be grateful for the moment.

7. Open your eyes.

Gently open your eyes. Take your time.

From the time that you heard your ear ringing up until after you complete prayer, your eyes should have been closed.

Once you open your eyes, notice that you have offered new energy into the space that you are in. Be grateful of where you are.

8. Record/Journal

Are you familiar with journaling your dreams? If so, we should also journal our ringing experiences. If not, it’s okay—start now.

Take note of timestamps, colors, sounds, anything that you heard or saw.

Also, please note that if the message does not make sense to you now, this is okay. Sometimes you have to put the messages together. This is why journaling is important.


If you want me to expound on any of the points above, feel free to comment below or send an email.

Thank you for reading and for sharing your time with Chosen Journi.

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