Muslim Women’s Day: Sisters in The Nation of Islam

I'm in marketing and was offended when a story in the pipeline for Muslim Women's Day got delayed because "it's not a widely-known holiday". Because I'm taught to rise above emotions into the thinking of God, I realized that it is my responsibility to spread the Good News and represent as a Muslim woman. I … Continue reading Muslim Women’s Day: Sisters in The Nation of Islam

Accepting a transition begins a new journey.

Sometimes it takes awhile to move on from a loss. Have you ever accepted losing someone, but couldn't move on without knowing what happened? I have. I loss a Sister who means so much to me in January 2016. After meeting Sister Ta-Neesha on Twitter, I always wanted to know more about her, but at first I … Continue reading Accepting a transition begins a new journey.

Muslimah Appropriation unCovered

“I want to cover my hair, but I don’t want to be disrespectful”. -Sister to Sister To all of my Sisters who share this concern, I want you to know that it’s not disrespectful if you decide to cover your hair. I titled this post (thanks to an accountability partner who actually gave me the … Continue reading Muslimah Appropriation unCovered

The One Who Transcended

I first met Ta-Neesha on Twitter. She gravitated towards me, it was almost as if I knew this girl all of my life. She sent me a direct message and we talked for a little while, then we exchanged numbers. She texted me immediately and the first thing she told me was about a vision … Continue reading The One Who Transcended