Office Hug Time

If one of your coworkers walked up to you asking for a hug, would you accept and return the "love"? Today a coworker went to every person saying, "It's hug time. May I hug you?" When I noticed the hugging coworker across from me hugging another coworker, I'm thinking, 'I didn't know they were close'. … Continue reading Office Hug Time

God’s Number One Fisherman

My first lecture of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was This Man Jesus. I was amazed by how bold he spoke and how there were facts after facts. However, my experience of hearing him in-person was incomparable to a recording on YouTube. In February 2014, I was blessed to attend my first Saviours' Day and listen to … Continue reading God’s Number One Fisherman

A Woman’s Hair Tells A Story

I often-time say, 'hair is just hair', but that's false. A woman's hair tells a story... and we have many stories to tell. Taking a flashback into 2013 when I did the big chop: I was so happy walking out of that barbershop like I owned the ground I walk on. It's 2017 now and within … Continue reading A Woman’s Hair Tells A Story