You are doing amazing things missy. And I’m proud of you. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you. You give life to the world and especially your writing and “blogs”, yes I read when I can. Words of encouragement, continue to striveĀ and bless others with your knowledge, words of wisdom, and presence. I also want to thank you for inspiring me to fast. I’ve completed my 40-day and night fast head wrap and all. And you were right it became almost second nature to walk out with it. So thanks love and I want you to continue your journey.


To be completely honest only God knows how hard my natural labor would have been without my doula. She was there for us from doc appointments, to advice, then made sure she flew all the way from Atlanta when it was time to give birth. Long story short WE NEED MORE BLACK DOULAS TO SUPPORT OUR BLACK WOMEN.

Sister Tanzania X

Destiny is always polite and proper, she demonstrates the ability to make others feel comfortable speaking up in any settings. She shows her commitment to D&I and shares her passion with others to create meaningful relationships.


Destiny has long been a model for our engage and embrace diversity value. She has brought DEI into the org in many ways, from leading local committees and DEI events, to contributing to national webinars and initiatives, to co-leading the national DEI committee, and contributing to DEI activities on the marketing team. She demonstrates a true commitment to the work through her actions, and through her vulnerability. She’s not afraid to share her own learning moments, and that’s a powerful thing to do.


Destiny is a wonderful inspirational leader who really strives to provide a sense of direction and generate momentum for change in spaces that are uncomfortable and ambiguous. She has coached and led initiatives for NTL DEI that has trickled across HR, Marketing, and CE, and is always seeking opportunities to uplift the ideas of others. She is a comfortable servant leader, and values the leadership and working styles of other individuals, and she also brings a strong flair of creativity and innovation to the work that she does individually and with others.