The Earth is a recharging station.

I am purposely reflecting this morning and as I am, I notice I’m on a similar wavelength as one of my Sisters.

In mid-reflection, I read a text from her with the photo above accompanying her message:

Earth is living and breathing just like we are, and she sustains us through our childish behaviors, how will we give thanks for her love and preservation of us?

Sister Sharanda Hakim-Haqq

Interesting because here is my reflection:

When I’m up at 4 AM, I feel connected to our Universe. Earth is a recharging station, but do we know how to utilize it?

Friday, as I sat at Sister Sharanda’s house, I had my shoes on in her grass and she asked something to the sort of when’s the last time, I walked bare foot. Now, I’m asking you, when’s the last time you walked bare foot? When’s the last time, you’ve taken advantage of your Earth? Your Universe? When’s the last time you’ve healed yourself simply by living here? We have everything we need on Earth. What is it that you’ve been wanting lately? Is it directly connected to the Earth? Are you accepting what is in the Earth? If not, you may not be tapping into the Universe.

Get bare foot, not in the literal sense, unless you’ve been missing that part of your life too. I’m requesting you to access what you need to do to get back to the Motherland. There’s so much here for you.

Are you ready to become a child again? Children are so free, while some adults get so far away from being a child. Why? Become free again. Be cautious, but less cautious.

I had my shoes on because I didn’t want to get dirty, but that “dirt” is what my body and soul looks for.

Breathe. Live. Be Mindful. Explore the Earth more, it will allow you to tap into the Universe. Why should you reach your higher self when you don’t even appreciate the land you walk on? We want to be a star, we want to float in another galaxy, but won’t accept exactly where we’re currently are. Today, I ask you to recharge yourself on Earth. Not just today. If you recharge yourself here on Earth, the god force in you will begin to recharge elsewhere. Your Earth is here, however, there’s so much more than Earth for us. There’s an entire Universe awaiting you. Are you ready to fully live again?

Did you noticeĀ I tapped into my god force this morning? I reflected on an experience I had and Allah (God) allowed me to partially feel the thinking of my Sister. We help one another. We feel one another. We are one another. We have thoughts similar to one another because our thoughts travel in the Universe. This is our Universe and you’re a god. I want you to know you’re a god. Don’t just say it. Be godly. Live godly. Serve you. You serve yourself by being godly. Gods, recharge on Earth for a higher existence in our Universe.

4 thoughts on “The Earth is a recharging station.

  1. Peace beloved, well said. You embodied the love of God, and I felt it in your writing, you are beautiful beyond compare and I am thankful to be here in this time to walk with you. I am loving my Sister forever and always.

    1. Peaceful Day Sis! Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read the blog post and leave a comment. You are beautiful – I am a reflection of you! I am thankful to be on a journey with you. Thank you for allowing me in your divine space. I am loving my Sister and want continued blessings for you.

  2. ” Gods Recharge On Earth For A Higher Existence In The Universe ”

    Reminds Me Of The Quote “Fast Thinking Quick Moving Straight Down To The Modern Day & Times”

    In Which We Are To Be Present And Aware In Every Moment Making The Best And Increasing Our Intent In The Universe By Focus

    1. Yes god. When we are fast thinking, quick moving, we can allow ourselves to be recharged on Earth. Will we submit is the question. Thank you for taking time to read this post.

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