The One Who Transcended

I first met Ta-Neesha on Twitter. She gravitated towards me, it was almost as if I knew this girl all of my life. She sent me a direct message and we talked for a little while, then we exchanged numbers.

She texted me immediately and the first thing she told me was about a vision she had. She had a vision that we were living in the last days and Allah sent myself and her to help people who were suffering, I was shocked at what she told me and I couldn’t believe how close I felt to someone I barely knew. As crazy as it sounds every thing she said felt real. I instantly told my mother about our conversation because it was strange. My mother is a person who is very conscious and is very in/tuned. My mother explained to me that Ta-Neesha was special but she couldn’t quite figure her out like most of us couldn’t.

Mind you we had never met this girl in-person, but we could feel the god-like essence even over the phone. Our friendship continued and I would call and text Ta-Neesha every single day, she became my big sister. We would talk about FOI we wanted to marry and how our children would grow up together and how we would live next door to each other.

There would be times when I wouldn’t hear from Ta-Neesha for months, I didn’t really know what was wrong with her I just figured she was busy. We became more distant and we would text here and there… I knew something was wrong with her psychologically, but I didn’t know what.

Sister Ta-Neesha (3)During her last days she would text me things asking me to pray and to repent for my sins, I listened to her and always took what she said seriously. I knew something was wrong with her but I knew that Ta-Neesha was special in her own way. We stopped talking for awhile and she started pushing me away I would ask her what was wrong but she would respond “just wait and see”, I didn’t understand what she meant at the time but now I know.

She knew that she was here for a reason and a season, those words “just wait and see” always resonate in my mind. I now know that she was an angel sent to us for a reason, to give us a message and leave. Somethings can’t be explained but I know that I met Ta-Neesha, the one who transcended .❤️

– Sister Emunah X

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