The Prescription: Eric Thomas

As I make way to rest my eyes, I decided to listen to Eric Thomas’ latest album, The Prescription.

I thought it was going to be something inspirational that I could lull myself to sleep with, but his words were waking me up.

It was as if he was speaking directly to me. It was definitely the prescription that I needed. After Isha (the night-time daily prayer performed by practicing Muslims), I read one section of The Holy Qur’an followed by listening to Open Your Heart by Madonna (that seems so random), watched approximately two minutes of A Different World, and then it hit me, listen to Eric Thomas.

Eric wastes zero time giving dosages of the prescription. Evaluate is the first track and he opens with a TIP. This is very significant because the first step for self-improvement is self-analysis.

You need to free yourself up and start doing something new, but you can’t do new until you get rid of that old.

Eric Thomas, Album: The Prescription, Track 1: Evaluate

Earlier in the day, a sister made it known that she was listening to Eric Thomas. That was a seed planted. She did not share a link, so that was good. Allah was speaking to me and He knew that The Prescription was what I needed to hear before getting some rest. Your thoughts may seem random or it may may you think your brain is skipping. However every thought has a connection. There is a reason why you are thinking about something. Listen to the thought and allow yourself to be guided. Also, pay attention to what people are sharing with you.

You prayed about it, but you all over the place. You gotta get to a place where you are focused and boom you got it.

Eric Thomas, Album: The Prescription, Track 4: Focus
Eric Thomas’ The Prescription Tracklist

There is much more that could be shared, but I think everyone should listen to the album for themselves. In the meantime, here is a quote from the remainder of the tracks (except for the third).

You should have paid somebody to help you with your sickness. I have a sickness.

Eric Thomas, Album: The Prescription, Track 2: Rehab

You don’t produce enough energy to power anything.

Remove everything that is draining and I need you to get your power.

You watch me and I’m like cables.

Eric Thomas, Album: The Prescription, Track 5: Charge

Find an energy source that works for you… Find it and do it everyday.

Some of you are doing a great job taking care of yourself, but some of you have leeches.

Eric Thomas, Album: The Prescription, Track 6: Separate

I really want you guys to be you and don’t try to be anything else. Be the best version of you.

Eric Thomas, Album: The Prescription, Track 7: Sacrifice

Even if you work for somebody, you still have to work for them and still have your own.

I didn’t want to be a slave anymore to anybody.

She (Harriet Tubman) is stealing the slaves. What’s the slaves? The workers… workers with no vision.

You [are] a slave to the sharks that set up a system that you fell for like the bait.

This ain’t about money to me. It’s about freedom.

Eric Thomas, Album: The Prescription, Track 8: Rebel

In track 8, Eric mentions going to a museum in Montgomery, Alabama. He is referring to the Equal Justice Initiative that I highly encourage everyone to visit at least once.

What are some of your uplifting prescriptions? Do not tell me about off-the-counter or pharmaceutical medicines.

Thank you for reading and for sharing your time with Chosen Journi.

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  1. Enjoyed reading excerpts from the book. I hadn’t heard of it until now. It’s must on list of books to read.
    Sis. Lorez

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