“Pain is the mother of creativity.”

-The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

  • Since “pain is the mother of creativity”, I’ve turned our experiences into
    DJAWP stands for “Documented Journey: A Wakening Path”, “Destiny’s Journey: A Woman’s Perspective” or “Destiny’s Jungle: A Wonderful Pursuit”.

    a blog to tell the stories that my brothers and sisters hesitate to share. This is not just about telling stories — this is an empowering and marketing space for us to connect and unite. If you have a submission that you would like posted on this blog, please complete this short form to sprinkle some of your blessings on others.

  • I’m calling this our story because I know there are many people who are going through or who are currently living as the current and old me. Remember, when I say “me”, I’m saying “you”. You have men and women who are walking in similar shoes as you, just down a different path.
  • Destiny is not afraid to open her book to you. She also wants to see the destiny in you open up a little more.

Originally, I began writing my blog for Black women, but I’ve realized this isn’t just about my sisters. We’re more alike than we are different, but the fact still remains that we (man and woman) are different. Therefore, I can’t ignore that fact, in the future, there will be a private page dedicated to women (stay tuned).

“You should write a blog.” 

Those words mean so much to me. I’ve been asked to share my life, my walk, my journey with everyone by writing a blog.

In 2013, I started a blog, but it wasn’t time. I was still trying to understand my purpose in life. I knew I received a message to write a blog, but I didn’t know the what, the why, or the how.

In 2016, I began feeling as though it was time. I prayed and from there, I received confirmation when others started encouraging me to write a blog.

I’m really excited about DJAWP, but this is also nerve wrecking. I’m not taking this lightly… this is directly a part of my purpose… and now I’m ready to present DJAWP to you, God’s gift to me, my gift back to God, and now my gift to you from God.

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