TIP: Transparency Is Purposeful

We often hear that we should not vent, especially via social media. At Chosen Journi, we practice mindful sharing and venting.

Our TIP is different. There is power in being transparent. Transparency is purposeful. When you have a testimony, you shall share it with the world.

Experiences are not meant to be stored in your brain alone. Allah (God) allows us to go through something for us to demonstrate what He is showing us. There is nothing that we have the opportunity of walking through for it to be something just for our eyes. What we must learn is when to share it, with who, and how. This takes time. However, nothing is a secret. Think about it. Is The Creator a secret? The only person hiding Allah (God) from you is Satan.

There may be aspects of Allah (God) that you have to wait to come into an understanding of. In due time, He will reveal Himself, if we have a sincere heart. This is the same with our lives, most likely, we won’t share everything with one person, but we may be open to share particular experiences with someone else.

Chosen Journi documents learnings from a personal perspective. When someone allows you insight into their lives, it is shared out of humility to help others learn without having to experience the same mistakes. We hope and pray you see the purpose and are able to incorporate change in your life towards choosing a better you.

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