Trust in Your Higher Power & Pray Straight Words

There’s no better way to start your Monday off other than praising your Higher Power, thanking him for your mercy, and following through on the word/message.

All of us living have our “ups” and “downs”. Whoever your Higher Power is that you praise and worship hears your cries and your prayers. When the fire comes down on you and times get tough or get the best of you. Your higher power is shaping you for what he has prepared you for. Most times when something GOOD doesn’t come out that fire, it’s because you didn’t follow their instructions.

MEANING you didn’t stop cheating on your significant other, you didn’t let go of that bad seed you call your friend, you missed out on an opportunity because you didn’t think you were qualified, or you thought you were untouchable, so you abused a blessing and used it to deceive others.

Out of every dark tunnel in your life, at the end of that tunnel there’s light.

But first, you have to come to the end of YOURSELF. Meaning you have to surrender yourself and give it all to your Higher Power.

MEANING You have to know in your heart not only through GOOD times but also through BAD times that your Higher Power favors you and He chose you to go through whatever it is to test your strength and your belief. 

Now when coming to yourself it may take more work than you can imagine. You may think awe naw it’s getting too hard I’m gone give up, awe naw this can’t be real. I’m not gone put that much energy in it, awe man this can’t be for me I’m not deserving of this. WHAT YOU SHOULD BE THINKING is “Why not me? Use me Higher Power, show me what I am deserving of.”


I thought I can never have children, per the doctor, per my body, and per my mind because that seed was sat in my brain. Now, I pray and asked my higher power, I just want to bless my significant other with a child. I think he would be a great father. We are good people and we want a baby.

NOW, I went into depression mode when I found out I was pregnant. I did because I wasn’t married. I didn’t have a house. You know the essentials I thought was fit for us to have in order to raise a child up to our expectations.

See I wasn’t specific. I didn’t say, “Higher Power when I get married with a house and luxury car I want to bless my significant other with a child. SO GUESS WHAT… Higher Power blessed me with a child to bless my significant other, despite what the doctor said right…BUT WAIT.

Now, during my pregnancy I was sick EVERYDAY, practically the entire pregnancy. I was so sick I wanted to terminate my pregnancy, shame on me right, but wait I’m not done.

My Higher Power said, “Wait isn’t this what you wanted? You asked me for a baby, so I blessed you with a pregnancy. You didn’t say you wanted to be healthy through your pregnancy, you didn’t ask me to wait, until after you were married. I only did what you asked me.” So I thought to myself, “this is correct.” So I prayed and prayed and prayed for strength in my relationship, strength in my understanding, strength in my religion.

Now, at the end of that tunnel look what my Higher Power has done. I have a very handsome and very INTELLIGENT two-year old blessing. Now, I’m engaged to be married, our credit scores are increasing for us to get the house and cars we are deserving of.

So my questions to you are:

  • What are you asking for?
  • Are you being specific?
  • Are you ready to be placed in the fire?
  • Are you ready to come to the end of yourself to receive your blessings?

In my case my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is my Higher Power. It’s time you find yours.

Written by Linzetta Favors.

Let us know what you think — Share any feedback or questions.

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