As a Muslim are you offended that Trump breaks White House tradition of hosting Eid Al-Fitr dinner?

The White House has hosted Iftar for approximately twenty years. With Donald Trump as POTUS, apparently he has zero intentions of celebrating Ramadan or at least supporting a national tradition. This is not a surprise to me and honestly why should this matter?

Eid Mubarak (Blessed Festival)!

What is Eid Al-Fitr?

The festival of breaking the fast that closes the month of Ramadan.

Are you offended as a Muslim or nah?

Newsweek tweeted “Trump breaks White House tradition of hosting Ramadan dinner” and as I seen Muslims retweeting this all I could think is why would we care and why are we spreading his news? Why should we look to the White House to host a celebration for us? Ramadan is given to us from Allah (God). As Muslims we should be free, which means we don’t need permission from America, the country that took us away from living out our true nature of being Muslim, one who submits his entire will to do The Will of Allah (God). So no I’m not offended by Trump or the rest of the administration under the White House. However, I am offended by Muslims who feel as if this is a disgrace. The fact that we don’t have one day recognized as a national holiday as a part of corporate americas holiday calendar is ridiculous, but even that is not anything that we should focus on.

Lets celebrate & focus on us!

For everyone who observed Ramadan, lets put on our own Iftar and focus on us. We are gods who belong to Allah (God) and need to stop looking to others gods beside The Almighty to do for us. We have everything we need to do what’s required of us.

This morning on the Ramadan Prayerline, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned the Muslim world that we are a target for the chastisement of Allah (God) due to our great division. This means we have our own work to do to so that we’re no longer in violation of His covenant. I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve divided myself individually and want to ensure I recommit to the covenant I’ve made with Allah (G0d).

I’m not concerned with Trump and honestly did not want to acknowledge what the White House is or is not doing. However, when I notice that some of us aren’t focusing on where our attention should be, it’s my duty to hold us all accountable. We all have to be dutiful in this area.Lets focus on how we’re going to successfully unite with one another.

I would love to build with others on the topic of uniting the Muslim world. The Minister has already done his part and is continuing to be our example. He is such a beautiful divine servant, reminder, and so much more in our midst. Gratitude. 

Lets go to work family.

Let us know what you think — Share any feedback or questions.

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