Who and what is your reflection?

What will people describe you as when you are returned to Allah (God)? The words that come to your mind are a reflection of who you are.

Sissy Ta-NeeshaWhen you left, I seen positivity, nothing but uplifting words because that’s what you did for many.

You made me appreciate life more and you’ve helped remind me of the importance of what it means to reflect. You reflect The Teachings and found many ways to do so on and offline. You complemented others when they complimented you. Still to this very day, you continue to be a light, an angel for many of us.

Although, there’s so much I want and have to say, I just want to share the words of others. Click below to read reflections.

* Sister Alisa Renee * Sister Ebboni X * Sister Emunah X * How are le brain waves? * Accepting a transition begins a new journey

Thank you Sisters for contributing. This means so much to me and I love you dearly.

Let us know what you think — Share any feedback or questions.

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